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Education key as employers stretch to reach pension goals

News analysis: Companies need to better educate staff to encourage responsibility for pension saving, as research has highlighted a misalignment between employers’ goals and the outcomes of their defined contribution plans.

Isle of Wight bolsters governance ahead of LGPS reform

Isle of Wight Pension Fund has identified areas ripe for improvement in its governance, including more frequent funding monitoring, as local government schemes brace for next year's reforms to the sector.

NUJ to appeal ombudsman ruling over BBC pensionable pay cap

The National Union of Journalists will appeal the pensions ombudsman’s determination that the BBC's pensionable pay cap did not breach its obligations, as more employers look to such tools to derisk schemes.

Employers consider RPI/CPI switch as gap widens


Consultants have reported more employers trying to overcome the difficulties of switching from using RPI to CPI to reduce scheme liabilities as the gap between the two measures widens.

European investors hunt alternatives to diversify growth assets

Data analysis: Fixed income attracted the most money from European investors last year, but alternatives won on future allocations as schemes look to derisk and diversify portfolios.

Civil service schemes centralise admin to boost engagement

The civil service pension schemes are moving the administration of their active, deferred and pensioner members to a single system to reduce costs and increase member engagement.

Charities await guidance to reduce liability squeeze

Not-for-profit employers that belong to multi-employer schemes are waiting for further guidance on dealing with debt risk that could trigger insolvency.

Plumbing scheme offers lower contribution rate to tempt employers

The Plumbing and Mechanical Services Industry Pension Scheme will offer a lower contribution scale to new employers joining the career average scheme, to help it compete with defined contribution arrangements.

Annuity brokering grows as managers seek value for savers

News analysis: Nearly half of schemes have or are planning to put in place annuity brokering services for their members, but experts warn this may not be enough to achieve value at retirement.

Compliance concerns prompt employers to rethink AE providers

News analysis: Some large employers are considering switching their auto-enrolment provider as their administration needs are not being met, fanning a growing secondary market.