Latest articles from Emma Powell

Johnston Press DB recovery to net 25% of sold sponsor assets

Johnston Press Pension Plan has agreed a revised recovery plan with its sponsor, entitling it to a chunk of the proceeds from the sale of company assets, to help plug its rising deficit.

CofE scheme mulls infrastructure diversification to drive returns

The Church of England Pensions Board is considering spreading its infrastructure portfolio outside Europe, following a similar decision to rebalance its property portfolio towards the US and Asia in a hunt for return.

WMPF markets third-party services to neutralise costs

West Midlands Pension Fund plans to market its internal support services to third parties in order to become cost-neutral by offsetting its administration costs.

Caterpillar scheme delays derisking over stock volatility concerns

Caterpillar Pension Plan has postponed a decision to cut its equity exposure to increase its liability-driven investment allocation as a result of concerns over stock market volatility.

Non-disclosure agreements: schemes give mixed reaction

Scheme managers and consultants have given a mixed response to the question of non-disclosure agreements for fund management fees, after concerns were raised that they may inhibit schemes’ ability to negotiate value for members.

Where bribery is smiled upon: Is paying for feedback worth the effort?

Any other business: With market research companies offering incentives such as vouchers, electrical goods and even hard cash to consumers who complete their surveys, it is clear getting feedback on any product or service can be a struggle.