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How the DB code of practice may affect your scheme

News analysis: Schemes should take a more integrated approach to investment, funding and covenant in their risk management, according to the regulator’s consultation on its DB code of practice.

Kent ups property to benefit from stronger yields

Kent Pension Fund has decided to increase its exposure to property by almost 20 per cent to take advantage of attractive yields.

Berkshire revisits absolute return to boost performance

The Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund is reevaluating the structure of its absolute return portfolio following the failure to achieve its benchmark target.

SPPA raising the bar on data precision

The Scottish Public Pensions Agency has initiated a project to benchmark its member data against quality criteria set out by the Pensions Regulator, to find more cost-effective ways of improving data accuracy.

Schemes take more holistic approach to risk management

SPPA graph

News analysis: More schemes are starting to take an integrated approach to investment, covenant and funding in their risk management planning, but there is still a disconnect between schemes’ investment strategy and the valuation process, according to new research. 

Manager fee restructure lowers costs for LGPS

Hammersmith and Fulham along with Cardiff are among eight public sector schemes already benefiting from asset managers restructuring fees in response to the consolidation and costs debate.

Nuclear fund on course to claw back £1m merger cost

Sellafield, Cumbria

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is close to recouping the £1m it spent merging two schemes into the Combined Nuclear Pension Plan in a bid to save on administration and advisory costs.

How the DC code will affect your scheme

The Pensions Regulator will make its defined contribution code of practice easier for scheme managers to understand after feedback that the line between pensions law and best practice was not clear enough.

GMPF to outsource property in investment reshuffle

Greater Manchester Pension Fund plans to outsource the management of its property portfolio in order to hit its 10 per cent asset allocation target, in a review of its external management arrangements.

Managing your money purchase legislative risk

News analysis: Managers of pension schemes that have hybrid elements such as additional voluntary contributions have been urged to investigate the impact of a legislative change that could increase their costs.