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How Weight Watchers tackled AE demographic challenge

NAPF conference 2013: Weight Watchers UK has implemented a unified communications and administration strategy and changed its pension provider to overcome the challenges of delivering auto-enrolment to different employee demographics.

NESPF payroll shift cuts 25% from processing time

North East Scotland Pension Fund has implemented an integrated payroll system to provide a more accurate and timely way of paying out benefits to members.

Saul outlines policy for strengthening through mergers


The Superannuation Arrangements for the University of London has detailed its merger policy as part of work to help achieve economies of scale across support staff pension schemes.

MNOPF increases contributions to secure benefits

The Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund has increased employer and member contributions to the new section of its defined benefit scheme to strengthen its ability to pay future benefits.

Teesside ups cash awaiting more profitable equity market

Teesside Pension Fund has increased its cash holdings by nearly a quarter after deciding to wait for more favourable conditions before investing further in equity markets.

Care UK sees 4% opt-out after comms barrage

Care UK has experienced an opt-out rate of just 3.8 per cent since implementing auto-enrolment in March, putting its success down to an intensive, multichannel communications strategy.

How to tackle index cloning in your active equities

News analysis: Schemes have been urged to closely monitor the investment strategies and risks taken by their active managers as new research shows nearly half of such UK managers are closet indexers.

Shropshire boosts passive equities to reduce costs

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Shropshire County Pension Fund will become the latest local authority scheme to increase its passively managed equity allocation in order to reduce its investment management fees.

Pearl ups corporate bonds to manage rate risks

Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme has increased its allocation to corporate bonds and reduced investment in growth assets to lower its exposure to fluctuations in the market.

What a 1% cap could mean for AE value

In this week's In Depth, Emma Powell analyses how a charges cap could affect managers and members of DC pension schemes.