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Avon fund upgrades software to reduce data risk

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Avon Pension Fund has implemented a new software system to gather member information from employers in order to reduce the risk of errors, as it moves to fully electronic reporting.

Tyne and Wear considers discount rate change to improve funding

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Tyne and Wear Pension Fund has considered changing the way it sets the discount rate used to calculate its liabilities, to prevent its funding level falling and large increases in employer contributions.

How defined ambition could affect your scheme

Government has outlined proposed legislative modifications to the pensions system including changes to decumulation rules and daily pricing requirements, which could impact current defined contribution and defined benefit schemes.

Diageo reduces equity hedge funds in strategy shift


Diageo Pension Scheme has reduced its exposure to equity-based hedge funds and increased allocation to other hedge fund strategies alongside its overall derisking framework.

Unilever creates DC committee to focus governance

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The Unilever UK Pension Fund has set up a defined contribution committee to boost three key areas of management of its members' savings.

PPF widens investment scope to reduce risk

The Pension Protection Fund has targeted a broader range of sophisticated fixed income assets while maintaining a liability-driven investment strategy in order to reduce the fund’s overall risk.

Hampshire fund pursues tactical asset allocation

Hampshire Pension Fund has created a new tactical asset allocation portfolio funded from reserves that were temporarily invested in equities.

Transfer industry outlines pot-follows-member approach

Transfer companies have set out how pot-follows-member pensions consolidation could work after the government said it was looking at industry initiatives to find a cost and time-efficient implementation.

Scams burden remains in spite of HMRC registration

News analysis: A High Court ruling last week established the Pensions Regulator’s authority to take action against schemes it believes to be fraudulent.

Hilton enhances fid man role to reduce volatility

NAPF conference 2013: Hilton UK's pension scheme has built greater delegation into its fiduciary management mandate to enable it to make quicker investment decisions and reduce volatility within the scheme.