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SPPA works to curb admin integration risks

The Scottish Public Pensions Agency has produced a contingency plan to mitigate against administrative risks, as it combines the service provisions for two other emergency service public sector schemes.

Webb seeks to alleviate scheme guidance concerns

Pensions minister Steve Webb has tried to assuage the concerns of defined contribution schemes by implying the guaranteed retirement guidance could be delivered in less intensive ways than face-to-face meetings.

Local authority schemes welcome government CIVs

Local authority pension schemes have come out in support of proposals to pool local government pension scheme assets into two common investment vehicles.

Regulator considers stringent testing for indy trustees to raise standards

The Pensions Regulator is considering requiring formal qualifications for independent trustees and trustee chairs, in order to raise governance standards, its executive director told delegates at Wednesday’s conference.

LPFA reports doubling in employers needing covenant review

The London Pensions Fund Authority’s risk-based approach to setting contribution rates has identified around twice the number of employers that may need to provide greater solvency guarantees after its latest valuation.

Schemes drop gilts to diversify fixed income

Schemes drop gilts to diversify fixed income

UK pension funds were at the forefront of European institutional investors dumping government bonds for higher-yielding fixed income assets in the first three months of 2014, investment data have shown.

Employers ensure AMD ban does not drive up active member fees

Employers have managed to keep active scheme member fees steady while scrapping higher charges for deferred members, after one provider agreed to swallow the cost of next year's ban.

Hampshire funding level jumps after sticking with heavy equity weighting

Hampshire Pension Fund has benefited from keeping its faith in equities, seeing its funding level increase by 8 percentage points over three years as a result of strong investment returns and additional employer contributions.

NESPF automates employer data submission to plug gaps

North East Scotland Pension Fund is working towards implementing a fully automated process for employers submitting member data, after narrowly failing to hit all the Pensions Regulator’s targets for common data accuracy.

Greater DC flex forecasted to raise member savings

Increased at-retirement flexibility for defined contribution members introduced by the Budget may lead to higher member contributions, experts have predicted, which could put pressure on some employers' pension structures.