Pension schemes bill overshadowed by Brexit

A pension schemes bill has been included in the Queen’s Speech as expected, but critics say the government’s Brexit headaches and lack of majority mean it is little more than a manifesto pledge.

ESG divestment set to take place on global scale

Renewable energy

Climate change activism and trustee awareness of ESG has led schemes to divest from fossil fuels, figures released today show.

Self-employed want help with long-term finances, study finds

An investigation into the saving habits of the self-employed has found that entrepreneurs want help to save for the long term, but are put off by the inflexibility and specific goal of pensions.

Global Pensions Wrap: October edition

South Korea flag

A round-up of the pensions industry stories published across the FT Group – including South Korean funds’ freeze on allocations to Japan amid trade tensions, and Arizona pension workers’ move to sue the state over sexual harassment allegations.

Can schemes save members from retirement age lottery?

Analysis: Workers risk missing out on optimum retirement savings by not supplying their workplace pension provider with an intended retirement age, experts warn. But in the age of inertia, what can be done?

Government must revise AE or ‘risk leaving a whole generation behind’

While automatic enrolment has added more than 10m employees to a workplace pension scheme since 2012, experts say it is still not enough to ensure adequate levels of saving towards retirement.

Comment & Analysis

Ignore ESG risks at your peril

Guy Opperman

Following his letter to 50 large schemes demanding evidence of progress on responsible investment, the pensions and financial inclusion minister Guy Opperman sets out his expectations on environmental, social and governance issues.

It is time for the industry to face up to its data problems

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

Pensions administrators and trustees have been burying their heads in the sand on data quality. It is time for the Pensions Regulator to take more forceful action, writes Josephine Cumbo.

Seven features that define DB pension schemes

Jonathan Libre (teaser)

Jonathan Libre, a principal in the Emea Insights team at Broadridge Financial Solutions, discusses seven key factors that define DB pension funds, and how they can provide a useful framework through which schemes can be examined. 

Videos & Podcasts

What falling sterling means for pension funds

Twitter podcast logo

Podcast: It has been a rocky few months for sterling, with the currency falling more than 7 per cent since May. In this podcast, Shoqat Bunglawala, head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s global portfolio solutions business, and Simeon Willis, chief investment officer at XPS Pensions, discuss the main reasons behind the decline, and what it means for pension funds.

Tackling the 'long tail' of underperforming smaller schemes

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Podcast: The Pensions Regulator’s latest defined contribution survey revealed that only 4 per cent of micro schemes and 1 per cent of small schemes are meeting all of the watchdog’s governance standards. David Fairs, TPR's executive director for regulatory policy, analysis and advice, has previously described the "long tail" of underperforming smaller schemes as "unacceptable". In this podcast, Mr Fairs talks to Pensions Expert about what the survey's findings mean, and how the DC landscape might change. 

The future of trusteeship

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Podcast: Is there a big difference in governance standards between boards with a professional trustee and boards without? Should lay trustees have to demonstrate how they have acquired a minimum level of knowledge and understanding? And what can be done to increase diversity on boards? In this episode, Laura Andrikopoulos, head of governance consulting at Hymans Robertson, discusses some of the Pensions Regulator's 'Future of trusteeship and governance' consultation proposals, and what impact they might have on the industry.