Schemes missing £1.2bn ESG-led member engagement opportunity

Communicating the good that trustees’ investment decisions do in the world could motivate younger workers to increase their pension contributions by £1.2bn a year, new research has found.

New consultation fails to address NHS clinician concerns

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Doctors believe a new consultation offering greater pension flexibilities is not enough to stop them refusing extra shifts in the hard-pressed National Health Service, as experts demand an overhaul of the entire pensions tax system.

BAE Systems brings in new default to target drawdown

The BAE Systems Pension Scheme has put in place a new defined contribution lifestyle option targeting drawdown, giving members more flexibility following the introduction of freedom and choice.

Global Pensions Wrap: September 14 edition

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A round-up of the pensions industry stories published across the FT Group – including protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed pension reforms, and the first signs of pension scheme consolidation impacting markets in Europe.

Nest appoints Blackrock and Amundi for private credit mandates

News On the Go

On the go: Amundi and BlackRock have been appointed by master trust Nest in a bid to increase members' exposure to private credit.

Comment & Analysis

Turkeys don't vote for Christmas

John Simmonds

Too much of the pensions industry serves its own interests rather than those of its members, says CEM Benchmarking's John Simmonds. The problem, he argues, lies in the role of scale. But is bigger truly better when it comes to pensions?

Amid Brexit chaos, RPI end could rock pensions

Angus Peters

Editorial: Welcome to the September issue of Pensions Expert, one which comes amid untold levels of turmoil in the world around us.

Regulator still sparing AE breach employers’ blushes

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Tough talk from the Pensions Regulator on automatic-enrolment breaches has translated into more action in recent years, but there are signs that the watchdog is still hesitant to use the toughest sanctions in its toolbox, says FT pensions correspondent Josephine Cumbo.

Videos & Podcasts

What falling sterling means for pension funds

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Podcast: It has been a rocky few months for sterling, with the currency falling more than 7 per cent since May. In this podcast, Shoqat Bunglawala, head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s global portfolio solutions business, and Simeon Willis, chief investment officer at XPS Pensions, discuss the main reasons behind the decline, and what it means for pension funds.

Tackling the 'long tail' of underperforming smaller schemes

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Podcast: The Pensions Regulator’s latest defined contribution survey revealed that only 4 per cent of micro schemes and 1 per cent of small schemes are meeting all of the watchdog’s governance standards. David Fairs, TPR's executive director for regulatory policy, analysis and advice, has previously described the "long tail" of underperforming smaller schemes as "unacceptable". In this podcast, Mr Fairs talks to Pensions Expert about what the survey's findings mean, and how the DC landscape might change. 

The future of trusteeship

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Podcast: Is there a big difference in governance standards between boards with a professional trustee and boards without? Should lay trustees have to demonstrate how they have acquired a minimum level of knowledge and understanding? And what can be done to increase diversity on boards? In this episode, Laura Andrikopoulos, head of governance consulting at Hymans Robertson, discusses some of the Pensions Regulator's 'Future of trusteeship and governance' consultation proposals, and what impact they might have on the industry.