TUC: Act now or women will be condemned to retirement poverty


TUC report shows the gender pension gap has grown with women more than twice as likely as men to miss out on being automatically enrolled. 

Annuities: Sales surge as consumers trade flexibility for security


Annuities are back with a bang – for your buck

Think big: Think tank suggests creation of regional superfunds


Tony Blair think tank brainwave to merge all schemes into regional superfunds to free up billions of pounds of investment capital

Trust is the greatest obstacle to bridging the advice gap


Trust remains a major problem for consumers according to new data from Lang Cat Financial.

Derisking well funded DB schemes may be an opportunity missed


Well funded schemes now in a position to consider building a surplus for the benefit of all members

Will DC consolidation present MTs with crock of gold?

Crock of gold

DC consolidation will have its winners and losers. Stephanie Hawthorne asks what the transition to consolidation will mean for trustees, sponsors, and members


Why two pairs of eyes are better than one (for DB sponsors)

Stuart Bradbury

Sponsors want help to manage schemes approaching endgame scenarios

Investors must insist on decarbonisation – before it’s too late

Lydia Darby

Investors have a role – and the power – to encourage sustainable business models. ShareAction's Lydia Darby talks about why they went to BASF's AGM last month

Time to review how the UK saves for the future


Hymans' Hannah English argues that now is the right time to review retirement income saving

Videos & Podcasts

Was the Bank of England right to intervene during the LDI crisis?


Podcast: Cartwright director of investment consulting Sam Roberts argues against the Bank of England’s autumn intervention in gilt markets, while the Lang Cat director of public affairs Tom McPhail gives his thoughts on the Autumn Statement.