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Hampshire funding level jumps after sticking with heavy equity weighting

Hampshire Pension Fund has benefited from keeping its faith in equities, seeing its funding level increase by 8 percentage points over three years as a result of strong investment returns and additional employer contributions.

NESPF automates employer data submission to plug gaps

North East Scotland Pension Fund is working towards implementing a fully automated process for employers submitting member data, after narrowly failing to hit all the Pensions Regulator’s targets for common data accuracy.

Greater DC flex forecasted to raise member savings

Increased at-retirement flexibility for defined contribution members introduced by the Budget may lead to higher member contributions, experts have predicted, which could put pressure on some employers' pension structures. 

Lancashire increases employer contributions to mitigate maturing membership

Lancashire Pension Fund has added lump-sum payments to its annual employer contributions to make up for reduced cash flow from a declining active membership.

NHS scheme moves to improve struggling employer comms

The NHS Pension Scheme will tailor its communication to different employer types to provide them with more support in fulfilling their obligations, after a survey revealed substantial criticism of its approach.

TfL faces fresh demands for contract worker DB membership

TfL faces fresh demands for contract worker DB membership

Transport union RMT has reignited calls for all Transport for London employees undertaking work on a contract basis to be allowed to join its defined benefit pension fund.

Low-cost passive DC loses ground as schemes seek 'smoothed' returns

The number of FTSE 100 trust-based defined contribution schemes using lower-cost, fully passive management for their default options has dropped by almost a half as diversified growth funds become more popular, research has found.

LPFA boosts in-house investment team as it focuses on illiquids

The London Pensions Fund Authority is strengthening its in-house investment capabilities in order to reduce investment costs and diversify further into illiquid assets.

Lafarge doubles contributions to cut deficit

LaFarge boosts contributions

Building materials manufacturer Lafarge has more than doubled its contributions to its UK pension fund after scheme and sponsor negotiated a beefed-up recovery plan to tackle the funding deficit.

BT suspends flexible retirement options during review

BT has suspended its flexible retirement option while it reviews the conditions under which it will consent to BT Pension Scheme members taking early payment of their pension while continuing to work at the communications company.