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SME achieves almost zero opt-outs after enrolling early

Chartered surveyor Dalcour Maclaren has secured a virtually entire take-up of its defined contribution plan since it auto-enrolled its small workforce last year, and now the company is looking to streamline administration of the scheme.

Greater intermediary fee transparency needed to assess value, experts urge

News analysis: Investment management and consultant fees need to be more transparent to allow schemes to more accurately measure whether they are getting value for money, industry figures have said.

Mineworkers scheme extends cash buffer to battle rising longevity

Mineworkers scheme extends cash buffer to battle rising longevity

The Mineworkers Pension Scheme has secured a 10-year extension to the repayment deadline of its government-backed investment reserve, as it works to manage increased longevity among scheme members.

Schemes delay mergers over tax risk concerns

Schemes are thinking twice about undertaking bulk transfers of benefits to avoid the risk of passing on individual tax charges to members as they await final official rules.

Strathclyde rebalances bond portfolio in drive for greater returns

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Strathclyde Pension Fund has decreased its allocation to corporate bonds in favour of a wider absolute return bond strategy, to rebalance its portfolio as spreads tighten.

Fair deal fog leads to pricing concerns for employers

Private sector employers bidding for central government contracts are facing difficulties building pension strategies into their costs due to uncertainties surrounding contribution rates and exit payments in the new fair deal guidance.

How to build your risk committee

As more defined benefit schemes follow a derisking plan towards their end point, monitoring and managing risk grows ever more important.

Diageo: CDC could help overcome lack of member knowledge

NAPF Investment Conference 2014: Collective defined contribution could be a way forward for schemes trying to "give members what they want" and avoid burdening them with decisions, said Diageo's director of pensions.

John Lewis favours risk controls to deliver member outcomes

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NAPF Investment Conference 2014: The John Lewis Partnership's DC scheme will not consider offering income guarantees to its members, unless a legislative framework is put in place to deliver them.

RPMI ups emerging market exposure to drive returns

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NAPF Investment Conference 2014: The Railways Pension Scheme aired plans to increase its exposure to emerging markets, including investment in alternatives, as it seeks further return drivers.