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Four candidates named for Work and Pensions select committee chair

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On the go: Debbie Abrahams, Chris Bryant, Stephen Timms and Karen Buck are the Labour MPs that so far have been nominated for the election of the next Work and Pensions select committee chair.

Contractors take advantage of LGPS loophole on exit payments

The pensions industry is still waiting for the government to close a loophole allowing outsourcers to claw back surplus from the Local Government Pension Scheme even when they have not paid into the plan.

Opperman warns providers on dashboard preparations

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On the go: Pensions minister Guy Opperman has urged providers to start preparing their data now for the anticipated arrival of pensions dashboards.

Lords bill on TPR dividend approval and scrapping PPF cap resurfaces

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On the go: A bill that would give the Pensions Regulator approval over company dividend payments and remove the cap on compensation payments made by the Pension Protection Fund has returned to the House of Lords.

State pension age campaigners granted leave to appeal judicial review

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On the go: The BackTo60 group has been granted leave to appeal a High Court decision, and will be taking its fight against state pension age rises for 1950s-born women to the court of appeal.

Pensions experts predict RPI limbo for years to come

Experts have condemned delays in publishing a long-awaited consultation on reforms to the retail price index, since its outcome could radically alter the fortunes of pension funds and pensioners.

FCA launches pensions advice market review

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On the go: The Financial Conduct Authority is set to embark on a fresh crackdown on financial advisers, where it will analyse whether savers are receiving unsuitable pensions advice.

Pension schemes bill to cost industry £818m in first year

The pensions industry faces an annual cost increase of £818m as a result of changes brought in by the pension schemes bill, with the new defined benefit funding regime and the pensions dashboard requiring the lion’s share of this investment.

Train operators' legal battle with government kicks off

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On the go: Train operators will argue that the government has unfairly excluded them from rail contracts over its stance on pensions, in a High Court case that begins on Monday.

Investigation into state pension age complaints resumes

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On the go: The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman has resumed its investigation into complaints about the state pension age rise for women, following the outcome of a judicial review last year.