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Plymouth & South West Co-op introduces illiquids and cuts DGFs

The Plymouth & South West Co-operative Society pension fund is decreasing its diversified growth fund exposure and introducing a new allocation to illiquid credit.

Savers misjudge lifespans, as experts call for comms overhaul

Savers are underestimating their life expectancy, with ‘survival pessimism’ potentially driving the unpopularity of annuities, according to a new report.

Associated British Ports consults on accrual change

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Associated British Ports has proposed to change the accrual rate for its defined benefit pension scheme, in a bid to cut costs and focus on fairness while keeping the scheme open to accrual.

Retirement defaults would strengthen UK system, experts say

UK pension commentators often point to the Netherlands as an example of a country with a good pensions system, but the UK’s introduction of freedom and choice has also attracted interest from Dutch pension experts.

Has auto-enrolment come of age?

Auto-enrolled savers are receiving – and making – their first contribution increases since the policy was introduced, but what should happen next in what many view as a success story?

Parliamentary scheme elects alternative credit

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The Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund has introduced a new allocation to alternative credit to further diversify the scheme’s portfolio of return-seeking assets.

Does a good pension scheme improve recruitment and retention?

Analysis: Businesses believe that pension provision is having a positive impact on recruitment and employee retention, according to a recent study, but opinions are divided on whether retirement savings are seen as more than just a nice-to-have.

PwC probed on Carillion fees and conflicts

MPs have grilled PwC partners on fees and the safeguards the accountancy firm put in place to prevent conflicts of interest arising from its various roles regarding collapsed contractor Carillion.

Fines for DB negligence leave industry split

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Employers who wilfully or recklessly put their defined benefit pension schemes at risk are in the firing line of new punitive fines announced in a government policy statement released on Monday.

Women push for equal pay settlement to be made pensionable

Former and current female employees of Glasgow City Council are pushing for pensions to be included as part of an equal pay settlement, as parties opt for negotiation over litigation.