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Financial health matters

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Editorial: I like to think that most employers take their workers’ wellbeing seriously. But with employers proving slow to develop dedicated financial health strategies, it may be time for management to start talking to staff more.

Cost concerns hinder company action on staff financial wellbeing

Forty-nine per cent of employers currently have no defined financial wellbeing strategy in place, a recent survey has found, as experts urged corporate boards to tackle the subject formally.

Bulk annuities: How should schemes approach the market?

Analysis: 2018 has been a very busy year so far for buy-ins and buyouts, with plenty of competition and attractive insurer pricing. But with demand predicted to rise, preparation is becoming key for trustee boards.

Trustees take more active approach towards transfers

Analysis: Since the introduction of freedom and choice in 2015, more and more savers have shown an interest in defined benefit transfers, so what are the main benefits and risks for schemes?

Lookers merges defined benefit schemes

UK motor resale company Lookers has amalgamated two of its defined benefit pension schemes, as experts highlight the improved efficiency and cost savings associated with mergers.

Ombudsman’s police ruling highlights trustee duty of care

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The Pensions Ombudsman has upheld a police officer’s complaint that Northumbria Police transferred his pension to a new scheme without having conducted adequate checks or provided him with sufficient warning about scams.

Northumbrian Water makes moves to manage liabilities

Northumbrian Water has embarked on a multi-pronged liability management exercise in a bid to control its defined benefit obligations, including a pension increase exchange and employer-funded financial advice.


How would a lack of government support affect dashboard progress?

Analysis: Reactions to speculation that the secretary of state for work and pensions wants to scrap the pensions dashboard project have been unsurprisingly negative.

Should I stay or should I go?

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Editorial: Moving away from the security of a guaranteed defined benefit fund is a big decision to make. For many, it may be the wrong decision.

Luxfer Group offers IFA to deferred members

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Global materials technology company Luxfer Group has launched an exercise offering deferred members of its defined benefit scheme the opportunity to discuss their benefit options with an independent financial adviser.