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BAE Systems brings in new default to target drawdown

The BAE Systems Pension Scheme has put in place a new defined contribution lifestyle option targeting drawdown, giving members more flexibility following the introduction of freedom and choice.

Why your default is drowning in liquidity

Default drowning (teaser)

It has long been argued that defined contribution schemes should make greater use of illiquidity premiums, but what does the ideal long-term portfolio actually look like, and what steps can trustees take to get round barriers to entry?

Concerns over IFA shortages after LEBC leaves DB transfer market

FCA p4 (teaser)

Analysis: Independent financial advice firm LEBC’s decision to leave the defined benefit transfer market has reignited concerns over shortages of quality advice, with experts warning that tighter regulation could lead to further exits.

Aviva Master Trust and Workers Pension Trust gain authorisation

On the go: The Aviva Master Trust and Workers Pension Trust have been added to the Pensions Regulator’s list of authorised schemes.

Business handed £350k fine for not complying with pension duties

On the go: The Pensions Regulator is warning employers not to avoid their pension duties after one company ended up with a £350,000 fine.

One in five people 'not bothering' with their pensions, survey shows


Experts have stressed the need for financial education after recent research found that more than a third of savers do not know how to access their pension pots and one in five people are “not bothering” with their pensions at all.

TPR adds three more master trusts to list of authorised schemes

On the go: Atlas Master Trust, The Cheviot Pension and The People’s Pension have all been added to the Pensions Regulator’s list of authorised master trusts.

Electricity scheme triumphant in Aegon charges challenge


Aegon has agreed to lower its fund charges for defined contribution members of the Electricity North West Group of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme, after trustees challenged the provider following a review of other players in the market.

Why s72 requests have ramped up in recent years

Analysis: The Pensions Regulator's "clearer, quicker and tougher" approach is one of the main reasons behind the recent spike in section 72 requests, experts say.

How schemes can play their part in bridging the gender pensions gap

Bridging the gender pensions gap

Childcare costs and commitments, as well as the absence of tailored communications, mean that many women are retiring with less than men.