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The Weekly Wrap: November 11 edition

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A round-up of the pensions industry stories published across the FT Group this week, from the planned closure of the British Steel Pension Scheme to a shortage of investment-ready infrastructure projects.

HSBC pioneers ESG in DC with £1.85bn multi-factor fund

The HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme has selected a multi-factor fund with a tilt towards low-carbon businesses as the equity component of its default offering, a switch that will see £1.85bn of defined contribution savers' money invested in line with green principles.

When things get hairy: Don’t overreact to President Trump

From the blog: Donald J Trump has been elected president of the US, sparking marked but short-lived market fluctuations and suggesting that you probably shouldn’t take investment advice from a pollster.


We’ve said goodbye to experts, David Bowie and positive real yields over the course of 2016, but will the advent of President Trump really bring about the further descent into chaos predicted by some pundits?


For long-term investors, that case looks hard to state at the moment.


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Hedging at a high as schemes lose hope for fast rate rise

Institutional investors in the UK increased inflation hedging by 11 per cent during Q3, according to a survey – a sign that schemes and sponsors have reached the limits of their tolerance for widening deficits.

Schemes urged to look past 'Super Thursday' market movements

The FTSE 100 fell last week on the back of a High Court ruling that parliament must have a vote on the UK’s triggering of Article 50, while the Bank of England revised its inflation expectations upwards.

'Rules lottery' continues after Court of Appeal's RPI/CPI judgment

Trustees of the Barnardo Staff Pension Scheme will not be allowed to provide indexation of benefits in line with the consumer price index, according to a Court of Appeal decision earlier this week.

Is it time to stop worrying about deficits?

Rising yields means UK pension deficits are finally shrinking again, according to several industry monitoring systems, but is the defined benefit sector spending too much time concentrating on shortfalls?

Will tribunal judgment force Uber to auto-enrol its drivers?

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Two Uber drivers have been deemed workers who are employed by the taxi app, in a tribunal judgment released last week that could set a precedent for the auto-enrolment of gig economy workers.

British Coal's green turn on payslips to net £400,000 a year

British Steel Pension Scheme

The British Coal Staff Superannuation Scheme has opted to stop sending monthly paper payslips to its members from August 2017, saving the fund almost £400,000 a year.

Increased contributions for BA scheme rewarded by investors

The trustees of the New Airways Pension Scheme have agreed a new funding arrangement with sponsor British Airways, a move that saw share prices in BA’s parent company International Airlines Group soar by more than 5 per cent on Wednesday.