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How would Scottish independence impact schemes?

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Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon will seek a second referendum on Scottish independence, to be held by spring of 2019, triggering concerns about the challenges a Yes vote would pose to UK pensions.

Lack of consultant feedback threatens scheme governance

PLSA Investment Conference 2017: More than half of professional trustees and consultants rate their clients’ decision-making capabilities as acceptable or below, as industry figures have urged a rethinking of boardroom psychology.

Trustees must secure funding after GM sells Vauxhall to PSA


General Motors has announced the sale of Vauxhall to French car manufacturer PSA Group, but will retain responsibility for the company’s funded and unfunded UK pension obligations, sparking concerns over the security of members' benefits.

Savers prepared to look past charges for returns

Good returns are the primary concern for pension scheme members when assessing value for money, according to research conducted by 11 independent governance committees, with charges sitting outside the top 10 of saver concerns.

DWP blocks Nest drawdown in favour of industry innovation

The Department for Work and Pensions has decided against letting Nest offer drawdown after strong opposition emerged at consultation, opting instead to rely on industry innovation, but some have questioned whether the market will provide this.

Select committee hears evidence on how to get the self-employed saving

Proposals including an expansion of auto-enrolment and raising class 4 national insurance contributions, aimed at boosting pensions coverage in the UK, have been put before the Work and Pensions Committee as part of its inquiry into self-employed workers.

BHS deal welcomed but views split over DB framework

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Sir Philip Green will contribute £363m to a new pension scheme for former employees of BHS, under a settlement arrangement that achieves better outcomes for members than entry into the Pension Protection Fund.

Pressure grows to provide pre-1997 inflation-proofing

Pensions minister Richard Harrington has demanded that the chief executives of companies including Hewlett Packard Enterprise and 3M explain their refusal to grant discretionary increases to members with benefits accrued before 1997.

Savers still keen on cash until pot size grows

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Full cash withdrawals are still dominating the retirement income market, according to analysis by the Financial Conduct Authority, as concerns were raised over consumer reluctance to seek financial advice.

Is it time for DC defaults to embrace ESG?

Large defined benefit funds and defined contribution mastertrusts have long been using their investments to engage with or divest from companies involved in controversial practices. Now, a renewed public focus on environmental, social and governance issues, as well as corporate reporting, could convince more to follow.