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DC schemes drown in regulatory change and jargon

Trustees of occupational defined contribution pension schemes are increasingly failing to meet governance requirements due to excessive regulatory change, a panel of industry figures has said.

Nest drawdown proposals: Competitors fear disruption

The dust has settled on government's call for evidence on the expansion of Nest into the drawdown market, but it seems the war of words between industry professionals is far from over.

Select committee rhetoric sees indexation changes creep closer

From the blog: The international day of the older person might not have been as riotous as usual when it took place this Saturday, as private sector pension increases looked more under threat than ever.


Just the day before, Work and Pensions Committee chair Frank Field MP announced that he and his colleagues will consider the impact of allowing schemes to suspend inflation-linked pension increases, as part of the committee’s inquiry into defined benefit schemes.


Now Field and his team will investigate what needs to be done to “help create a climate of opinion so scheme trustees would naturally think about introducing flexibility on benefits”, Field told the Financial Times.


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Advice requirement rules could spell end to consumer confusion

The Department for Work and Pensions last week issued a consultation on draft regulations aimed at simplifying the way safeguarded flexible benefits are valued in relation to the freedom and choice advice requirement.

Royal Mail diversifies alternatives ahead of planned scheme closure

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The Royal Mail Pension Plan has diversified the alternatives investments in its portfolio, adding new private debt and infrastructure funds, while almost eliminating its exposure to equities in one of its sections.

'Patchwork quilt' of solutions threatens drive for transparency

Transparency Strategy Summit

Regulators and consumer groups have been warned against installing a “patchwork quilt” of solutions to increase transparency in asset management, as remedies to hidden charges within funds begin to emerge.

Invensys swaps linkers for nominal in hunt for cash flow

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The Invensys Pension Scheme has extended its commitment to fixed rate gilts, as low portfolio risk and a strong covenant allowed the £4.9bn scheme to weather worsening conditions in the broader UK industry.

HMRC buys more time on EU VAT issue

HM Revenue & Customs has delayed its guidance on alternative solutions for employers seeking to recover value added tax on defined benefit pension administration costs, prompting speculation that a decision will not be made until Brexit negotiations advance further.

Nilgosc turns to low vol equities

Stormont, NI parliament (Bloomberg)

The Northern Ireland Local Government Officers’ Superannuation Committee has made a £300m allocation to low volatility global equities in an effort to reduce overall risk while closing its funding gap.

Scheme rules may block Treasury's advice allowance plans

The Treasury has opened a consultation on the introduction of a pensions advice allowance, which would allow members of defined contribution schemes to use up to £500 of their pot to pay for tax-free regulated financial advice.