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Pensions Expert September edition: Braving post-crisis markets

Angus Peters

Editorial: These days, nothing is certain. But the difficulties defined benefit schemes face in setting their investment and funding strategy over the next year really take the biscuit.

Plumbing scheme announces independent governance review

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The Plumbing & Mechanical Services (UK) Industry Pension Scheme is to carry out an independent review of its governance structures, after sustained criticism from the scheme's small employers and a court case over its handling of orphan liabilities.

Consultants seek to push up industry sustainability standards

A new working group formed by 12 UK investment consultants is aiming to encourage standardisation of practices and meaningful action on sustainability among asset owners.

Industry unmoved by regulator’s DB funding arguments

The introduction of a twin-track approach to regulating defined benefit scheme funding could stifle the creativity needed to navigate the current financial crisis, experts have warned.

PPF and DWP appeal Hampshire methodology ruling

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On the go: The Pension Protection Fund plans to appeal a judgment forcing it to pay at least half of the defined benefits expected by survivors of scheme members, while the government will appeal the finding that the PPF’s compensation cap is illegal.

Trustees must watch out for buyout tax implications

Defined benefit trustees have been urged to be on their guard against a new interpretation of tax law that could see certain members hit by unexpected tax charges on buyout.

Schemes must stay safe as cyber threat heightens

Angus Peters

Editor’s blog: As the threat of Covid-19 rumbles on, a concurrent wave of cyber attacks should have the pensions industry on high alert.

Littlewoods scheme buys in remaining £930m with Rothesay

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On the go: The Littlewoods Pensions Scheme has secured almost £1bn of its defined benefit liabilities with insurer Rothesay Life, with the plan’s pension promises now completely covered by bulk annuity contracts.

Sunny DB analysis masks trouble ahead

Data crunch: Detailed analysis of triennial valuations with due dates up to December 2019 confirm the gradual improvement in the security of defined benefits in the UK, but experts warn that care is needed to keep schemes on track this year.