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HMRC buys more time on EU VAT issue

HM Revenue & Customs has delayed its guidance on alternative solutions for employers seeking to recover value added tax on defined benefit pension administration costs, prompting speculation that a decision will not be made until Brexit negotiations advance further.

Nilgosc turns to low vol equities

Stormont, NI parliament (Bloomberg)

The Northern Ireland Local Government Officers’ Superannuation Committee has made a £300m allocation to low volatility global equities in an effort to reduce overall risk while closing its funding gap.

Scheme rules may block Treasury's advice allowance plans

The Treasury has opened a consultation on the introduction of a pensions advice allowance, which would allow members of defined contribution schemes to use up to £500 of their pot to pay for tax-free regulated financial advice.

Pirelli announces £600m longevity swaps as deal flow set to accelerate

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Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli’s two main UK pension schemes have agreed longevity swaps covering £600m of pensioner liabilities, as researchers have suggested market volatility and insurer competition mean schemes could see attractive prices emerge on risk settlement products.

John Menzies considers change as activists increase split pressure

John Menzies

Aviation services and distribution provider John Menzies is in talks with trustees over possible changes to its pension scheme, as the group considers splitting its two businesses under mounting pressure from activist investors.

Chair competence key as survey highlights inefficient meetings

Any Other Business: Pension fund trusteeship is a time-consuming role with huge responsibilities covering a wide range of topics, but are the boards running schemes using their time wisely?

CPI and RPI gap at largest for five years as schemes eye law change

The retail price index and consumer price index were the farthest apart they have been for five years in last month’s inflation figures, prompting debate that legislation could level the playing field for schemes using RPI for benefit increases.

BBC aims to drive down fees in private markets strategy

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The BBC scheme lowered its overall investment management fees by £3m over five years, while further increasing its significant exposure to private markets, a move the scheme says allows it to match liabilities at the same time as generating capital growth.

Monitoring crucial as transfer requests could creep up

Defined benefit schemes could see increased levels of transfer quotation requests as low gilt yields push values higher. Experts have said trustees should monitor request numbers and manage their liquidity accordingly.

Governance is key as dispute rocks asset management industry

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Research suggesting that hidden fund fees are the “Loch Ness Monster of investments” has sparked the latest round of a bitter row between the Investment Association and pro-transparency groups.