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New trustee firm aims to inject dynamism into pensions

Sarah Leslie, co-founder of new pensions company Ndapt, has reached the end of her patience with the often “pedestrian” pace of things in the industry.

TPR eyes pivot to ‘Generation DC’

On the go: The Pensions Regulator has set out long-term priorities for the next 15 years, envisaging a shift in focus towards ensuring the financial wellbeing of defined contribution savers.

Clara raises capital from Canadian pension-owned reinsurer

On the go: Defined benefit superfund-in-waiting Clara-Pensions has attracted new investment from Wilton Re, as the pensions industry waits for the Pensions Regulator to give either of the two commercial consolidators its blessing.

Going nowhere? Three big ideas to break DB’s 10-year stagnation

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For all the talk of endgames that abounds in the defined benefit pensions industry, the inconvenient truth is that funding levels have remained almost completely flat despite a decade of contributions and stellar asset returns. What are the solutions to DB’s stagnation problem? Experts participating in Pensions Expert’s DB Week webinar series have suggested potential solutions.

PLSA throws weight behind ESG and DC retirement initiatives

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association has made a string of recommendations to the government on environmental, social and governance investment issues, alongside a call to point retiring defined contribution members towards “preferred” products.

Experts pour scorn on ‘pensions as deposit’ suggestion

On the go: The pensions minister’s appeal for suggested schemes that would let young savers use their retirement savings to help them on to the property ladder has been criticised as ignorant of the laws of supply and demand by pensions commentators.

Pensions Expert September edition: Braving post-crisis markets

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Editorial: These days, nothing is certain. But the difficulties defined benefit schemes face in setting their investment and funding strategy over the next year really take the biscuit.

Plumbing scheme announces independent governance review

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The Plumbing & Mechanical Services (UK) Industry Pension Scheme is to carry out an independent review of its governance structures, after sustained criticism from the scheme's small employers and a court case over its handling of orphan liabilities.

Consultants seek to push up industry sustainability standards

A new working group formed by 12 UK investment consultants is aiming to encourage standardisation of practices and meaningful action on sustainability among asset owners.