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Govt floats new general levy for master trusts but mulls 100% hikes

On the go: A government consultation has warned that the general levy on schemes used to fund the Pensions Regulator will need to rise steadily to reverse a widening deficit, but floated a fairer methodology for master trusts.

Nest converts EM to climate-aware and doubles allocation

On the go: Master trust Nest is to double its allocation to emerging market equities across its retirement date funds, while adding a climate-aware tilt to the strategy.

NY divests and managers pledge, but are companies doing enough?

Data crunch: Thirty leading asset managers have pledged net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner, on the heels of a landmark divestment announcement by the $226bn New York public pension. But a key datapoint suggests companies’ capital expenditure does not yet match managers’ sustainability rhetoric.

Impact investing webinar: Can pensions lead us out of current crises?

On the go: Join Pensions Expert and American Century Investments for a webinar exploring impact investing and what is permitted under UK law, and how responsible investing might be leveraged to spark engagement with scheme members.

Employers give cautious backing to Nest's sidecar project

On the go: Businesses trialling Nest Insight’s sidecar savings project say it can provide a boost to financial wellbeing, but caution that questions of inertia and affordability need to be overcome.

Coalition bemoans lack of climate progress in transport industries

The UK’s largest pension funds are among those hailing a “moment of reckoning” for transport companies failing to align with the Paris agreement on climate change, as the investment community evaluates its own success in engagement.

As pensions go digital, change comes to PE

Angus Peters

Editorial: From January, Pensions Expert will transition to a digital-only service, in keeping with the fast pace of change in the industry it serves.

Opperman follows through on share-voting promise

On the go: The Department for Work and Pensions has launched a new working group to examine ways to give investors in pooled fund products greater influence in voting shares and securities owned on their behalf.

AA goes private again with detailed pensions agreements

On the go: Trustees of defined benefit schemes belonging to troubled motoring group the AA have agreed funding principles with the company’s new private equity backers, including a commitment not to increase technical provisions where possible.

Employers support tax reform to help low paid

On the go: UK employers have voiced overwhelming support for reform of the UK’s complex system of pensions taxation, even if it means that some are worse off.