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Pensions administrator suffers ransomware attack

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Pension companies have been warned to be on their guard against ransomware attacks, after industry insiders confirmed to Pensions Expert that at least one administrator was subjected to a ransomware attack in the past week.

Brunel pool issues tenders across credit spectrum

On the go: The Brunel Pension Partnership has called for pitches from managers of both multi-asset credit and sterling corporate bonds, seeking to deploy some £2.7bn of local authority pension capital.

Warnings of 20% member losses as RPI consultation closes

On the go: Investment managers have demanded that the government compensates clients for losses they will suffer if the retail price index is downgraded, as a consultation on changes to the outdated inflation measure closes.

TPR touts tougher DB approach and shrinking DC universe

On the go: The Pensions Regulator has stated its ambitions to extend its direct supervision of schemes and refocus on prompt transactions, after meeting the majority of its performance objectives over the past year.

Working group issues guidance on GMP equalisation data

On the go: Trustees of defined benefit pension schemes must make considered decisions about whether data they may need for guaranteed minimum pension equalisation is cost-effective to obtain, according to new guidance on the process.

TPR’s fast-track proposal 'risks levelling down by employers'

Actuaries have expressed concern that the Pensions Regulator’s proposal of a ‘fast-track’ route for compliance, with its expectations on defined benefit funding, could spur market-leading employers to level down their approach.

Lords’ open DB protections don't stack up

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Editor's blog: The House of Lords has taken up a noble cause in trying to preserve the quality benefits provided to workers in key public services, but presenting increased investment risk as a magic solution is disingenuous.

LGPS funds join forces to fund 'co-living' ventures

On the go: The Merseyside Pension Fund has allocated to a fund investing in co-living spaces, joining institutional investors including the Strathclyde Pension Fund.

Global Pensions Wrap: July edition

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Did ESG risk ratings services flag up the dangers of Wirecard? Our monthly round-up of the best international pensions stories published by the FT’s outlets has the answer, and includes US trade union allegations that befit a Martin Scorsese film.

Lords commit TPR to preserving open DB schemes

The House of Lords has amended the pension schemes bill to ensure that open defined benefit schemes are not forced to derisk their investments in the same way as closed plans, in one of four defeats suffered by the government.