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Barnet sacks Capita and joins LGPS shared arrangement

The London Borough of Barnet has ended its contract with outsourcer Capita as the administrator of its pension scheme after a litany of breaches and scandals while it oversaw the Local Government Pension Scheme section.

TPR: Hundreds of employers targeted over dividend payments

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On the go: The Pensions Regulator has written to “hundreds” of defined benefit trustees over disproportionately large dividend payments made by their sponsoring employers, as the watchdog said its interventions are starting to yield results.

BAE to issue debt to fund persistent deficit

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On the go: Defence and aerospace conglomerate BAE Systems is to make a debt-funded £1bn payment into its main defined benefit pensions scheme, dramatically front-loading its recovery plan.

Co-op buys in further £1bn of liabilities

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On the go: Retail group The Co-op has secured the pensions of 7,000 defined benefit members in a bulk annuity transaction with the Pension Insurance Corporation.

Increased trustee workload to unleash wave of DC consolidation

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On the go: One in three trust-based defined contribution arrangements expects to transfer members into a master trust over the next five years, with stakeholders citing the drain on time and resources of running an own-trust solution.

Talks fail to head off USS strikes

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On the go: University employers have stated they are unwilling to meet the demands of a trade union ahead of strikes over the Universities Superannuation Scheme.

Hertfordshire LGPS employer agreement sidesteps cessation debt

A housing association has avoided a potentially crippling £3m cessation debt to the Local Government Pension Scheme via an innovative agreement with the scheme’s local administering authority.

Shooting the lights out: Bright ideas to help portfolio construction


The Boris Bounce could prove, well, bouncy for markets. Here are Pensions Expert’s insights into the forces shaping markets in 2020, and key tips from experts on how to improve portfolio management.

PMI launches accreditation course for professional trustees

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On the go: The Pensions Management Institute has launched its process for professional trustees seeking accreditation, after an apparent split with the Association of Professional Pension Trustees.

Govt maintains earnings trigger despite industry criticism

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On the go: The government has opted to maintain the earnings trigger for automatic enrolment at £10,000 for 2020-21, despite long-held industry concerns that the current level is limiting pensions coverage among underprivileged demographics.