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Bulk annuity deals to hit £25bn in 2020

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On the go: Defined benefit schemes are expected to complete buy-in and buyout deals in 2020 to the tune of £25bn, according to research from Lane Clark & Peacock.

PPF could postpone 2030 funding goal amid Covid-19 crisis

The Pension Protection Fund could postpone its goal of being fully self-sufficient by 2030 if needed to face the current Coronavirus pandemic, but will avoid “any kind of knee-jerk reaction”.

Master trust members close to retirement lose 8.7% in savings

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On the go: The pension savings of master trust members close to retirement are likely to have declined on average by 8.7 per cent during the first quarter of 2020, according to analysis from Isio.

Counsell: Industry must ‘step up and protect savers’

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On the go: Pension providers and trustees “must step up and protect savers using every possible means”, as the vulnerability of individuals to scams has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Pensions Regulator chief executive has warned.

Inflation change to cost BT pension scheme up to £1.7bn

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On the go: The government's plans to change the way the retail price index is calculated will mean BT Pension Scheme costs will increase up to £1.7bn.

Bulk annuity deals now cover 15% of UK defined benefit liabilities

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On the go: Pension scheme buy-ins, buyouts and longevity swaps have insured £250bn of longevity risk since the market took off in 2007, which corresponds to 15 per cent of UK defined benefit liabilities, according to analysis from Hymans Robertson. 

Protheroe: From employee 37 to PPF board member

Fifteen years after becoming the Pension Protection Fund’s 37th employee, Sara Protheroe has now been appointed to the lifeboat’s board.

TPR eases reporting and enforcement rules

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On the go: The Pensions Regulator has relaxed its enforcement rules and reporting guidelines for trustees amid the coronavirus crisis.

DB schemes to face major data exercise for dashboards

New requirements to translate defined benefit pensions into an annual income in today’s terms could mean trustees and administrators face a major data exercise to comply with the pensions dashboards, according to experts.

Three-month DB contribution holiday ‘might not be enough’

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Podcast: Measures introduced by the Pensions Regulator – which allow employers to freeze their defined benefit obligations for three months in response to the economic fallout from coronavirus – might need to be reviewed, warned Emma Watkins, annuities director at Scottish Widows. However, she says the plan gives “breathing space to the most stressed pension schemes”, an opinion shared by Simon Kew, covenant adviser and former manager at the regulator.