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DB schemes have £130bn tied up in unrealised life expectancy advances

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On the go: PwC is proposing changes to the way defined benefit schemes calculate the impact of projected life expectancy improvements in its liabilities, as these pension funds have more than £130bn tied up in assumptions that have not yet materialised.

GMP ruling implementation will be ‘Herculean’ task for schemes

A ruling on guaranteed minimum pension equalisation will see trustees having to revisit 30 years of pension transfers, which will be a “Herculean” task for administration teams amid missing data and poorly kept records.

DB scheme trustees to revisit thousands of past transfers

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On the go: Trustees of defined benefit schemes will have to revisit pension transfers from the past 30 years if the individual had contracting-out benefits, and provide a top-up if necessary.

KPMG ‘helped’ US firm dump £100m Silentnight scheme into PPF

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On the go: KPMG allegedly helped US buyout fund HIG Capital force the insolvency of Silentnight to acquire the company without the burden of its £100m pension scheme, in a case brought by the UK’s accounting regulator.

Smiths Group completes £146m buy-in with Canada Life

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On the go: The engineering company has secured a £146m bulk annuity deal with Canada Life for the Smiths Industries Pension Scheme.

M&S completes two buy-ins worth £750m

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On the go: Marks and Spencer has completed a £390m buy-in transaction with Aviva and a £360m similar transaction with Phoenix Group for its pension scheme, totalling around £750m in bulk annuity deals.

Open schemes predict £160bn liability hike with new TPR rules

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On the go: Open defined benefit schemes could see their liabilities increase between £120bn and £160bn due to the new funding rules proposed by the Pensions Regulator.

Brunel launches £1.2bn sustainable equities fund

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On the go: Brunel Pension Partnership has launched an equity fund with environmental, social and governance considerations that will be managed by three asset managers.

SNP revives pensions commission in bill amendment

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On the go: Two Scottish National party MPs have tabled an amendment to the pension schemes bill to set up a new pensions advisory commission.

Larger DB schemes face £100bn bill due to new regulations

The impact of new regulations in the pension schemes bill and the future defined benefit funding code will mean that sponsors of the UK’s largest schemes will have to fork out £100bn over the next 10 years, according to new analysis from LCP.