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L&G to launch fossil fuel free fund

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On the go: PensionBee will offer Legal & General’s first fossil fuel-free fund, in response to demand from consumers to exclude oil from their pension investments.

Public sector pensions on the brink of madness

Maria Espadinha

When the government finally figures out a remedy for discrimination in its reforms, will the benefit merit the cost, asks Pensions Expert deputy editor Maria Espadinha.

Cheshire Pension Fund questions members on investments and ESG

The £5.8bn Cheshire Pension Fund is gauging the views of its members and participating employers on its investment strategy and environmental, social and governance policy.

Tax changes pose admin challenge for pension schemes

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On the go: Pension specialists have welcomed the announced changes in pensions tax relief in this week’s Budget, but have pointed out that it brings an added administration challenge to schemes.

Clara Pensions in talks with investors for new funding

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On the go: Clara Pensions is seeking to raise between £200m and £300m from new investors, after a first fundraising in 2018.

TPR alerts trustees for contingency planning amid Covid-19 fears

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On the go: The Pensions Regulator has reminded trustees of the need for appropriate monitoring and contingency planning to be able to continue to run their schemes amid a coronavirus outbreak.

RPI to drop 1% per year with proposed reform

The UK Statistics Authority is proposing to align the retail price index with the consumer price index including housing costs, which is expected to lower its annual rate by an average of 1 percentage point.

Maps refuses to give public dashboard launch date

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On the go: The chair of the Money and Pensions Service has declined to give a launch date for the public pensions dashboard, since there are too many variables to be considered at this time.

Solving the McCloud pensions mess


Finding remedies for discrimination caused by changes in public sector pension schemes is proving to be of Byzantine complexity, with possible solutions risking further legal challenges or increases in costs that could undermine the initial reforms. 

DB deficits rise £50bn as coronavirus hits markets

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On the go: The aggregate deficit of the 5,422 defined benefit schemes in the Pension Protection Fund 7800 Index rose by £49.9bn in February.