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Safeway gets clarity on pension equalisation case

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On the go: Safeway has reached the end of a pensions legal process that started in 2016, with the Court of Appeal ruling that its defined benefit scheme's normal pension ages were equalised retrospectively, but not for as long as initially predicted.

Siemens completes £530m buy-in with L&G

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On the go: Industrial manufacturer Siemens has completed a £530m buy-in for Siemens Benefits Scheme with Legal & General, covering more than 2,000 pensioners.

High Court to clarify if PPF can pay redress to scam victims

The High Court has been asked to clarify whether legislation that created the Fraud Compensation Fund, managed by the board of the Pension Protection Fund, could allow for compensation to victims of pension scams.

TPR conducts internal review after Norton case

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On the go: The Pensions Regulator is conducting an internal review to identify if there are lessons to be learnt after the Norton Motorcycles debacle, a case that left members looking to recoup losses in excess of £14m.

PPF offers levy payment assistance for struggling sponsors

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On the go: The Pension Protection Fund is waiving the interest charge on its levy payment plan to help schemes or sponsoring employers struggling due to the economic impact of coronavirus.

Volunteer schemes and providers to test pensions dashboards

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On the go: The Pensions Dashboards Programme is planning to start extensive testing with individuals, dashboard providers, and volunteer pension providers and schemes, after it publishes a first version of the pensions dashboards data standards this autumn.

Pension superfunds could hinder insurers’ businesses

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On the go: UK pension superfunds could encroach on life insurers’ bulk purchase annuity market, as the new consolidation vehicles may present employers with a more affordable alternative, according to Fitch Ratings.

Willis Pension Scheme enters £1bn longevity swap

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On the go: The Willis Pension Scheme has entered into a £1bn longevity swap with Munich Re, covering around 3,500 members.

PPF could face new court case on benefits

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Podcast: Ian Neale, director at Aries Insight, and Sara Protheroe, chief customer officer at the Pension Protection Fund, discuss the court ruling which determined that the PPF cap is age discrimination, the interim regime for superfunds, and the implications of the new insolvency bill for pension schemes.

DWP to introduce flat-fee limits to protect small pots

The Department for Work and Pensions has concluded that a flat-fee structure implemented by some master trusts does not provide “adequate protection”, especially for lower earners, and is proposing an application limit to protect small pots.