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Bulk annuity deals drive insurers to sustainable investments

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On the go: UK life insurers could allocate up to £170bn to illiquid investments over the next decade, with a substantial portion focusing on new sustainable assets, according to Fitch Ratings.

Schemes call for extension of regulatory easements

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On the go: The majority of pension schemes have said that Covid-19 is not having a detrimental effect on their day-to-day operations, but have called for an extension of regulatory easements, according to new research.

DB schemes to face 120% rise in general levy with new govt proposals

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Defined benefit schemes face a 120 per cent general levy increase by 2024 proposed in a new consultation launched on Wednesday, while master trusts will be granted a different rate.

Maersk scheme completes £1.1bn buy-in with L&G

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On the go: The Maersk Retirement Benefit Scheme has agreed to a £1.1bn buy-in with Legal & General, covering the benefits of 1,900 deferred members and 3,000 pensioners.

Aon Retirement Plan completes £510m buy-in

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On the go: The Aon Bain Hogg Pension Scheme section of the Aon Retirement Plan has completed a £510m pensioner buy-in with Scottish Widows.

BBC Pension Scheme agrees £3bn longevity swap

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On the go: The BBC Pension Scheme has completed a longevity swap with Zurich and Canada Life Reinsurance covering more than £3bn of pensioner liabilities.

Your magazine needs you

Maria Espadinha

Maria Espadinha, soon to be editor of Pensions Expert, asks readers what improvements can be made to take the publication into a fully digital era.

Barclays Bank agrees £5bn longevity swap

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On the go: The Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund has completed a £5bn longevity swap with Reinsurance Group of America.

Govt to correct part-time judges’ pensions by 2022

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On the go: The Ministry of Justice plans to lay regulations in early 2022 with amendments to the Fee-Paid Judicial Pension Scheme, in a move that will provide remedy to judges who are owed past pension contributions.

Back to the future: How pensions can revolutionise the next 10 years

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Whether for winding forward to a post-vaccine economy or back to reverse deletion of guaranteed minimum pension transfers, time-travelling machines are in high demand in pensions and the wider society. The truth is that no one can guess what the future looks like, but several pensions experts were brave enough to risk predicting what the next decade holds for the pensions industry.