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Three big ideas for better member engagement

PLSA Annual Conference 2018

For all the successes of behavioural finance and auto-enrolment, the weight of retirement decisions on savers means member engagement is still important. Three experts pitch their ideas to improve scheme communications.

PPF benefit top-up met with anger from solvent FAS members

The Pension Protection Fund’s plan to top up compensation where members receive less than half of their original pension unfairly misses out some members of the Financial Assistance Scheme, according to a pensions campaign group.

Master trust members unfazed by AE increases

Savers auto-enrolled into a pension scheme are not dropping out of their plan any faster when nudged toward saving more money each month, according to the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association.

PPF to top up pensions to 50% ahead of legislation

On the go: The Pension Protection Fund is to begin topping up the benefits of members whose compensation has fallen below half of their original entitlement "as quickly as possible”, after a European court found its current payment structure unlawful.

Reconnecting the lines

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Editorial: If there is any silver lining to the gradual shift from defined benefit to defined contribution pension provision, it is that when faced with the prospect of losing their job, savers are at least spared the worry that they might lose some of their pension too.

Providers say retirement defaults could help poorer pensioners

Research highlighting the increasingly complex financial decisions and lower levels of income facing the next generation of retirees has led to renewed calls for default pathways through retirement.

Fined Salvus trustees left £1.4m uninvested for 3 years

Four trustees of the Salvus Master Trust have been fined by the Pensions Regulator after they failed to invest £1.4m of member contributions over three years.

Nortel's £2.4bn buyout pricing beats offers from superfund


News in focus: Nine years after Nortel's international insolvency, trustees of its UK scheme have secured a PPF-plus buyout. Pensions Expert looks back at the steps trustees took to achieve their pricing, and the precedent set when US and Canadian courts awarded them a £1.2bn payout.

BBC matches cash flows after strong 2017 returns

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The BBC Pension Scheme has slashed its exposure to equity markets, in an attempt to lock in recent outperformance with liability-driven investment, private credit and alternative matching assets.

More than 40 schemes in talks with Clara

Commercial consolidator Clara Pensions has entered into talks with more than 40 defined benefit pension schemes regarding potential transfers into the superfund, management has revealed.