How to beat volatility in 2019

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Volatility made its grand return to many of the key markets in which pension funds invest assets towards the end of 2018, driven by geopolitical instability and fears that the end of a long business cycle may finally be nigh. 2017 seems a long way away. Angus Peters explores reasons to be cheerful despite the gloomy outlook.

Only 8% of UK investors ready to comply with EU SRDII

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On the go: A tiny proportion of institutional investors across Europe are ready to comply with the EU Shareholder Rights Directive II coming into force this year.

UK schemes slash equities following long bull market

The global financial crisis gave rise to a record-long bull run, but in recent years many DB pension funds have been preparing for the inevitable end to these highs by reducing their reliance on equities.

Nest searches for a global corporate bond fund manager

On the go: Master trust Nest inviting tenders from fund managers to run an actively managed global investment grade corporate bond fund.

DWP consultation ramps up pressure on small schemes to consolidate

The Department for Work and Pensions is ramping up the pressure on small schemes to consolidate and to consider long term illiquid investments.

Data crunch: Do better returns trump greater contributions?

One of pensions’ great conundrums is the question of whether the size of contributions or investment performance has the greater impact on the size of the pension pot. Hargreaves Lansdown has researched this very point, but its answers are not without controversy.

GSK launches new investment options for DC members


Global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline and the trustees of its pension plans have introduced two new defined contribution lifestyle options, responding to a change in member retirement saving behaviour following the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015.

Merseyside goes green with £400m multi-factor equity allocation

Merseyside Pension Fund has committed £400m to a new climate-friendly multi-factor fund, developed in collaboration with FTSE Russell, as part of its strategy on managing environmental, governance and social risks.

Cummins scheme introduces sharia-compliant option

The Cummins UK Pension Plan has launched a fund for defined contribution members wishing to invest their pension in compliance with sharia law, while experts call for better sharia pensions provision across the UK.

Fees can cut returns by 25 per cent, finds ESMA

On the go: The EU’s financial regulator has warned of the impact charges can have on savers’ returns, in a sign of further pressure on investment managers to control fees.