Electricity scheme triumphant in Aegon charges challenge


Aegon has agreed to lower its fund charges for defined contribution members of the Electricity North West Group of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme, after trustees challenged the provider following a review of other players in the market.

ONS miscalculates RPI for March and June

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On the go: The Office for National Statistics has made an error in the retail prices index, leaving the figures for March and June this year 0.1 percentage points adrift. The possible impact of the mistake on the stock market led to the ONS publishing a statement outside of trading hours late on Thursday.

Looming Brexit sees slowdown in LDI derisking trend

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On the go: Interest rate and inflation hedging activity by UK pension schemes saw a dramatic slump in the second quarter of 2019, although experts said this was more likely due to Brexit "frontloading" than a sustained slowdown.

Large DC schemes are warming to target date funds

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Data crunch: Target date funds have seen widespread adoption in the US defined contribution market, but the UK has so far resisted change with schemes overwhelmingly using lifestyle approaches. However, an increasing proportion of schemes are gravitating towards this structure, says Broadridge Financial Solutions' Jonathan Libre.

Active equity fees fall by 11 per cent since 2017

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On the go: The average fee for an active global equity mandate has fallen by 11 per cent since 2017, according to consultancy LCP, as competition from low-cost index tracking vehicles sees costs improve across most asset classes for institutional investors.

Future commissioner joins calls for Welsh pool to divest fossil fuels

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On the go: A Welsh Assembly-appointed commissioner in charge of protecting future generations has called for the country's public sector pension funds to withdraw from fossil fuel investments.

Does your manager have the right mindset for persistence?

Adrian Furnham

Consultancy Stamford Associates is now using psychologists to assess prospective fund manager picks, and Professor Adrian Furnham does not understand why other companies do not look for behavioural tells in their managers. A balanced individual at the helm is required to turn a good idea into good returns, he tells Pensions Expert.

Lancashire hails portfolio's positive impact on local area

LGPS fund's investment in Preston's economic renaissance has seen unemployment levels drop below national average while returns have beaten benchmarks.

Confined benefits: the pension schemes propping up private prisons

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Investment in private security companies has always carried ethical considerations, as highlighted by the wave of anti-Trump divestment in the US. Closer to home, governance risks and the threat of renationalisation have funds rethinking the risk associated with their allocations.

Fossil free campaigners set to gather outside GMPF offices

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On the go: The Fossil Free Greater Manchester campaign group plans to gather outside the Greater Manchester Pension Fund offices on Friday, urging the local authority scheme to address climate change.