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Time to ask more questions on ESG

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Regulatory developments, together with a general rise in public awareness of issues such as climate change, have helped move environmental, social and governance considerations up pension scheme agendas, but will greenwashing, lack of transparency and poor understanding hinder trustee efforts?

Tailored review recommends extending watchdog's powers

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On the go: A review of the Pensions Regulator has recommended that the government consider extending the watchdog’s powers to enable them to make rules in specific circumstances.

Employer prioritises pension over dividends following TPR pressure

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On the go: A defined benefit pension scheme has committed to stop dividend payments for six years and shortened its recovery plan length as part of a suite of improvements following intervention by the Pensions Regulator. 

Electricity North West encourages members to join engagement panel

The Electricity North West Group of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme is encouraging members of its defined contribution plan to join its engagement panel, as experts highlight how seeking member feedback can help with trustee decision-making.

TPR outlines guidance plans in response to Rookes report

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On the go: The Pensions Regulator has published its action plan in response to the British Steel Rookes review, outlining several steps designed to boost support and guidance for trustees facing restructure or changes.

Visa scheme cuts lifestyles and introduces white-labelling

Trustees of the defined contribution Visa Europe Pension Plan have reduced the number of lifestyle strategies on offer and introduced white-labelled funds for the first time, one of which invests in direct and listed property.

TRW Pension Plan merges with ZF schemes


Automotive manufacturer TRW has merged its defined benefit scheme with those of its German parent company. While consolidation of this kind can lead to cost savings and better governance, experts say there are limited administration benefits to scheme mergers, unless trustees are prepared to invest.

TPR works with Oxfordshire fund to fix admin woes

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On the go: Ninety-nine per cent of active members of the Oxfordshire County Council Pension Fund have received a 2017-18 annual benefit statement, following regulatory intervention after no annual statements were issued for 2014-15.

Pearson encourages AE members to switch sections for better outcomes

The Pearson Pension Plan is encouraging members of its auto-enrolment section to switch to its money purchase section, where it says they will be able to pay in lower contributions but save more.

Debenhams schemes enter PPF assessment

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On the go: Debenhams’ defined benefit pension schemes have entered the Pension Protection Fund assessment period, after the retailer announced details of two proposed company voluntary arrangements.