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Making impact investing more 'mainstream'

Analysis: Pension scheme trustees are not – and should not be – philanthropists. But as long as there is a financial return involved they can help address societal challenges.

Metal Box members headed for master trust under DB closure plans

Members of the Metal Box Pension Scheme are set to move to a defined contribution master trust under company proposals to close the defined benefit scheme to future accrual and replace the current DC section.

Lafarge pension scheme enters into longevity swap to reduce risk

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The Lafarge UK Pension Plan has entered into a longevity swap with a global reinsurance company, in a bid to reduce the scheme’s exposure to longevity risk.

UK schemes slash equities following long bull market

The global financial crisis gave rise to a record-long bull run, but in recent years many DB pension funds have been preparing for the inevitable end to these highs by reducing their reliance on equities.

New criminal sanctions could be difficult to enforce, experts say

The government has said that it plans to go ahead with proposals for new criminal offences to prevent and penalise mismanagement of pension schemes, but enforcing these sanctions may prove challenging, experts say.

Insurers brace themselves for DB superfund disruption

Insurers are bracing themselves for disruption by superfunds, but their desire and capability to establish their own defined benefit consolidation vehicles remains unclear.

FCA investment pathway proposals welcomed, but concerns remain

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The Financial Conduct Authority’s recent proposals on investment pathways have been widely welcomed, but questions remain over the suitability of ready-made drawdown solutions.

GSK launches new investment options for DC members


Global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline and the trustees of its pension plans have introduced two new defined contribution lifestyle options, responding to a change in member retirement saving behaviour following the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015.

British Steel review calls for better member support in restructuring


A review of the communications and support provided to steelworkers during the British Steel Pension Scheme ‘Time to Choose’ exercise has called for legislative changes, regulatory collaboration and better guidance for trustees to help them manage a restructuring.

DB providers lag on administration with months-long info delays

Defined benefit pension providers are lagging behind their defined contribution counterparts when it comes to providing information necessary for advising members on matters such as pension freedoms, recent research has shown.