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A breach a week

A breach a week

As the extent of pension data losses is revealed, what can the industry do to tighten up?

Pensions sector suffers more than one data breach every week

The UK pensions sector suffers more than one data breach every week on average, new figures reveal, with some of the industry’s biggest names failing to protect savers’ sensitive information.

What is the purpose of pensions?

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Pressure is growing on trustees targeted by activists and campaigners to ensure funds are being invested ethically – whatever the cost.

Carlsberg DB scheme to be absorbed into newly formed brewery

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On the go: Carlsberg will remain the sole sponsor of its UK defined benefit pension scheme after it is absorbed into a joint venture with fellow beer producer Marston’s.

Widening spread on buyouts makes self-sufficiency harder to justify

Data crunch: An already booming market for pensions insurance has received a two-pronged boost from the coronavirus pandemic: the turmoil rippling through the economy is providing schemes with the best ever pricing for buy-in deals, just as the demand for shedding investment risk is at its greatest.

Co-op scheme completes £350m buy-in with Aviva

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On the go: The Co-operative Pension Scheme has completed a £350m buy-in with Aviva, taking its total transactions this year beyond £2bn, as defined benefit schemes look to capitalise on cheaper deals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mounting Covid-19 death toll a bitter reprieve for pension schemes

Analysis: As the country anxiously tracks the accumulating death toll from Covid-19, pension trustees will eventually be forced to do a more perverse calculation: how much will the mounting fatalities reduce their funding deficits?

Ombudsman sides with Aegon on transfer to 'bogus' pension scheme

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On the go: The Pensions Ombudsman has ruled that Aegon did not fail in its duty of care when allowing a member to transfer his savings to a “bogus employer”, once again emphasising that trustees are not responsible for certain historic cases of fraud.

Does lockdown shift leave pensions exposed to cyber crime?

Cyber crime

Analysis: Cyber criminals are now targeting the savings and personal information of thousands of retirees and pension members with unparalleled aggression, experts have warned, as a sector that has historically lagged on digital security is forced to adapt to new technology during lockdown.

Supreme Court lifts ban on political investments by local council pensions

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On the go: Local council pension schemes can now invest against the government’s foreign policy, after the Supreme Court ruled a ban on politically motivated boycotts was unlawful.