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Small scheme bulk annuity deals set for surge in demand

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On the go: The number of small scheme buy-in/buyouts could increase by 25 per cent in 2020, according to research from LCP.

LGPS has £2bn invested in alleged ‘illegal Israeli settlement’ companies

Thirty-three Local Government Pension Scheme funds retain investments worth more than £2bn in arms manufacturers and in companies accused of supporting illegal Israeli settlements, as some of these schemes opt for engagement instead of divestment.

Regulator to issue new guidance on capital-backed endgame deals

The Pensions Regulator is to issue new guidance on defined benefit employers seeking to use third-party investors to back the cost of buyout, following the completion of a first-of-a-kind deal without the need for regulatory clearance last week.

High Court delivers another CPI setback

Employers seeking to switch their defined benefit pension schemes from the retail price index to the consumer price index have been dealt another blow, as the High Court yet again refused to establish a precedent.

The days of ‘amateurish’ trusteeship are over

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Podcast: The challenges posed by Covid-19 will accelerate the move towards professional trusteeship, according to Mercer’s chief actuary Charles Cowling, who argues that the responsibilities in this area post-coronavirus will be too much for lay trustees to handle alone. He and Catherine McFadyen, head of public sector actuarial, benefits and governance at Hymans Robertson, discuss LGPS funding, the impact of mortality rates, and give their predictions about the post-crisis world.

British Airways resumes pension transfer activities

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British Airways is to resume its pension transfer activities following a short suspension due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis, Pensions Expert can reveal.

BT Openreach sell-off leaves key questions for trustees

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On the go: Trustees of BT’s colossal £50bn defined benefit pension scheme faced a number of important questions after rumours emerged that the telecoms giant was looking to sell its most profitable division.

Implementation hurdles in opportunistic strategies

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On the go: The coronavirus crisis presents a number of opportunities for savvy investors, but schemes should be wary of inflated estimates of return, according to a new report from Bfinance.

Local government pension schemes invest in bank guilty of tax evasion

A number of local government pension schemes have come under fire over their investments in a troubled Israeli bank, according to research seen by Pensions Expert.

Analytics firm completes global bulk annuity deal with L&G

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On the go: Analytics company IHS Markit has entered into two bulk annuity deals with Legal & General, the insurer’s first global transaction.