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HMRC extends reporting and payment deadlines for scheme pays

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On the go: HM Revenue & Customs has extended the deadline for savers who want to use their pension scheme to settle tax charges from a previous year.

Savers given opportunity to lock in minimum pension age at 55

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The government has given savers a way to avoid the minimum pension age increase in 2028, as new rules will allow individuals to keep their protected pension age if they transfer their pension.

DB transfers fall as contingent charging ban bites

A combination of lockdown and the contingent charging ban has contributed to a record low rate of pension transfers, according to LCP.

Altmann urges pensions triple lock reform as Sunak changes tone

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On the go: Choosing to scrap the pensions triple lock just because of one year’s set of numbers is unwise, but a radical overhaul of state pension support is needed, according to former pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann.

FCA revamps scams campaign as further £2m lost to fraud

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On the go: A total of £2.2m has been lost to pension scams in the first five months of 2021, with the Financial Conduct Authority warning that savers are nine times more likely to accept ‘advice’ from someone online than a stranger in person.

NAO launches investigation into underpaid state pensions

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On the go: The National Audit Office is to investigate the issue of underpayments of the state pension to women, looking at how it happened and what is being done to resolve it.

Number of doctors retiring early trebles

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On the go: The number of doctors retiring early has more than trebled over the past 13 years, with concerns that hefty tax bills are the main factor driving the action.

FCA sets out climate-related disclosure rules


The City watchdog is looking to introduce climate-related financial disclosure rules for pension providers, asset managers and life insurers, in a move that will see it align with government action in this area.

DB transfers hit by pandemic and rule changes

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On the go: Cash equivalent transfer values have been significantly impacted by both the coronavirus pandemic and shake-up of defined benefit transfer advice rules, according to Barnett Waddingham.

BMA calls for doctors to be exempt from pension age hike

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On the go: The British Medical Association has called for NHS workers to be exempt from proposals to increase the minimum pension age to 57, saying the complex nature of pensions taxation means many need to retire before this age.