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MPs launch probe into access of pension savings

The work and pensions committee has announced it will focus on scams in the first stage of its three-part inquiry into the impact of pension freedoms and level of protection for pension savers.

Govt outlines solutions for pensions net pay anomaly

The government is seeking industry views on how to end the net pay anomaly affecting low-paid earners in the pensions tax relief system.

Provider nudges increase guidance uptake

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On the go: A strong provider nudge drives three times more savers to seek pension guidance, trials arranged by the Money and Pensions Service have found.

Govt’s ‘landmark’ pensions bill proceeds to Commons

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On the go: The pension schemes bill, which includes rules for pension dashboards and new powers for the Pension Regulator, has cleared its first hurdle in the House of Lords.

Chancellor spares pensions tax relief and triple lock for now

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On the go: Pensions tax relief and the triple lock have once again been spared by the chancellor of the exchequer, although changes to these costly policies are expected down the line.

Third of schemes improve outcomes for transferring members

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On the go: Almost a third of pension schemes — 30 per cent — have taken action to improve outcomes for their members when transferring out of their defined benefit plan, according to research from XPS Pensions.

Lords back exclusion of financial transactions from dashboards

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On the go: Peers in the House of Lords have shown their support for the exclusion of all financial transactions, such as the transfer of assets, from the pensions dashboard in order to protect savers from scams.

Peers push for restriction on commercial dashboards

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On the go: Labour peers are pushing for an amendment to the pension schemes bill that will see a 12-month restriction placed on providers looking to operate their own pensions dashboards.

Auto-enrolment reaps rewards as contributions hit £20bn

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On the go: Auto-enrolment continues to boost pension savings with total contributions rising by £5bn in 2019, but savings are expected to slump this year due to Covid-19.

Regulator to focus on protecting savers amid Covid-19

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On the go: The Pensions Regulator has said it will prioritise protecting savers during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as supporting schemes to continue to deliver benefits.