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Old British Steel scheme agrees £2bn buy-in

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On the go: Thousands of steelworkers could receive a boost to their pensions after a £2bn buy-in was agreed, taking the scheme out of the Pension Protection Fund.

Lifetime allowance to rise 0.5 per cent next year

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On the go: The pensions lifetime allowance is set to rise to £1,078,900 after inflation was confirmed at 0.5 per cent this morning.

Govt u-turns on fees disclosure in simpler annual statement

The government has abandoned plans to make pension providers include costs and charges in their new simplified annual statements, which could become mandatory for defined contribution schemes in the near future as progress in this area remains slow.

Timms warns transfer rules ‘must be changed’

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On the go: Stephen Timms, chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, has warned that transfer rules are not working and must be changed if the industry is to put a stop to pension scams.

Opperman tells savers to engage with pensions to fix climate

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On the go: Savers can play an important role in addressing climate change by paying more attention to their pensions and where they are invested, pensions minister Guy Opperman has said.

Aviva pushes for net-zero target in AE default funds

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On the go: Aviva is calling on the government to amend the pension schemes bill to make it mandatory for all auto-enrolment default funds to achieve net-zero carbon emissions status by 2050.

Over-50s alter retirement plans in response to Covid-19

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On the go: One in eight older workers have changed their retirement plans due to the coronavirus, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which warned that a third are now in a worse financial situation than they were in before.

PM urged to show leadership in fight against scams

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On the go: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been pressed to take an interest in the ever-growing pension scams issue to stop it becoming a “national scandal”.

Govt confirms triple lock boost despite scepticism

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On the go: The government has confirmed it will maintain the triple lock and increase the state pension in 2021-22, despite suspicions it would be scrapped due to Covid-19.

Covid-19 sees schools pull out of Teachers’ Pension Scheme

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On the go: Covid-19 has prompted a number of private schools opt out of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme as they look to avoid a significant hike in contributions.