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PPF statistics hint at a different future for DB schemes

David Brooks

As the health of UK defined benefit schemes improves, is the Pension Protection Fund still needed to solve a DB crisis, asks Broadstone’s technical director David Brooks.

Lifetime allowance freeze reopens debate on its relevance

David Brooks

Broadstone technical director David Brooks analyses the pension announcements made by chancellor Rishi Sunak in the Budget, and questions what is the purpose of the lifetime allowance. 

Politicians should keep the faith in inertia

David Brooks

A whistle-stop roundup of pensions at the political parties' annual conferences and a recommendation to stick with the power of inertia for the self-employed, courtesy of Broadstone's David Brooks.

How to address intergenerational unfairness in pensions

David Brooks

Employers and trustees must work together to create a fairer future for tomorrow's pensioners, says Broadstone's David Brook

The battle for members’ pensions

David Brooks

From the blog: Battle lines are being drawn and two sides are developing on how past pension promises should be managed.


The argument is that we exist in a period of crisis within the defined benefit universe, which is a significant drag on UK plc.


Many schemes have the retail price index hardcoded into their rules, although RPI is now a junk statistic that, one gets the sense, is being produced under duress by the Office for National Statistics.


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