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Eight out of 10 young adults demand earlier pension saving

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On the go: More than eight in 10 young people want pension saving to begin before individuals reach the age of 22 — the default age from which employees are automatically enrolled into a workplace pension.

Pandemic could cut FTSE 100 DB contributions by £5bn

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On the go: The wider health effects of the coronavirus pandemic could see FTSE 100 defined benefit scheme sponsors slash longer-term contributions by around £1bn a year, new research has revealed.

LGPS Russian exodus under way as TPR tells trustees to ‘be vigilant’


Local Government Pension Scheme funds are racing to slash their portfolios’ exposure to Russia and reassure members over the crisis, while the Pensions Regulator has issued new guidance to trustees expecting them to “be vigilant” on this matter.

Pension giants call govt to adopt AE expansion

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Some of the UK pension industry’s big beasts have joined forces to demand an expansion of auto-enrolment to capture young people, part-time workers and those on lower incomes.

De La Rue avoids DB scheme contribution hike

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On the go: Money printer De La Rue has agreed a new schedule with its pension scheme, which will allow it to maintain its deficit repair contributions at £15mn a year until March 2029, saving it £57mn in cash payments.

LGPS funds should not join the Israel boycott movement

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Local government pension schemes should not be pressured into joining the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement, Alex Janiaud argues

Border to Coast hires consultant, Kempen sets carbon target

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ESG spotlight: A roundup of the latest news on environmental, social and governance initiatives, with the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership appointing a climate change consultant, and Kempen Capital Management setting a carbon emissions goal for its portfolios.

Schemes retaliate over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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Some of the UK’s most prominent pension schemes are dialling down their exposure to Russian assets in response to its attack on Ukraine.

Coronavirus triggers medium-term uncertainty over liabilities

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On the go: The coronavirus pandemic is driving uncertainty over life expectancies over the next five to 10 years, according to new research.