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Should pension schemes become more litigious?

In 2009, the Royal Bank of Scotland admitted that it had incurred billions of dollars in losses in relation to its subprime exposures and acquisition of Dutch bank ABN Amro.

Hounslow drops Capita and heads for West Yorks

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The £991m London Borough of Hounslow Pension Fund will enter into an administrative partnership with the West Yorkshire Pension Fund following the imminent conclusion of its contract with third-party administrator Capita.

Warwickshire cuts hedge funds from portfolio

The £2.1bn Warwickshire County Council Pension Fund has sold off its hedge fund allocation in anticipation of its move into the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership.

Go-Ahead pension scheme moves from RPI to CPI

Go-Ahead (teaser)

Transport operator Go-Ahead has cut its pension liabilities by about £40m by changing the inflation measure used for its bus workers’ final salary scheme.

Should we be worried about public sector pensions?

Analysis: A combination of weak economic growth, growing inflation and lofty discount rates may threaten unfunded public sector defined benefit schemes.

TPR raises bar with mastertrust code of practice

A new authorisation code requiring mastertrusts to demonstrate their financial sustainability may force a number of providers from the market, experts have speculated.

Self-employed do not trust pensions, experts say

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Self-employed workers lack confidence in pensions partly because of questions over their affordability, according to experts.

Barnet switches DGFs for property and private equity

The £1.1bn London Borough of Barnet Pension Fund has resolved to cut its 20 per cent allocation to diversified growth funds managed by Schroders and Newton Investment Management.

BT agrees to replace DB with ‘hybrid' scheme

BT has announced the closure of its defined benefit scheme and has agreed to develop a ‘hybrid’ solution with the Communication Workers Union.

Government lowers mastertrust authorisation fees

The government has announced that proposed fees for mastertrust schemes seeking authorisation have been revised downwards.