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How devolution could affect your scheme

Scheme professionals have predicted devolved tax and welfare powers to Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland could increase the cost of administering schemes which have members across the UK, though others doubt the impact.

iPad reader? Here's our first scheme guide, on trusteeship

Available to download for free today from Pensions Expert’s iPad container app is our first tablet-only interactive scheme guide, focusing on the crucial issue of trusteeship.­­

Published in association with the Pensions Management Institute, it provides for new and would-be trustees bitesized learning on the basics of trusteeship, with a five-question quick quiz for readers to test their skills.

It also features an interactive feature with video and analysis of the changing face of pension scheme governance, as well as comment from key industry groups including the Association of Member Nominated Trustees and the National Association of Pension Funds.

To download this guide, visit the homepage of our Pensions Expert iPad app, and click ‘See guides and supplements’, or select ‘Scheme guides’ from the dropdown menu.

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Are schemes set up to make direct investments in ETFs?

Jonathan Reynolds from Capital Cranfield, ETFGI's Deborah Fuhr, iShares' Mark Johnson, JLT's Peter Martin and Simon Riviere of PTL discuss whether trustees are set up to make direct investments in exchange traded funds in the final part of this three-part debate.

The Specialist: Is the charges obsession stunting the DC debate?

DC investment supplement

Pensions Expert presents case studies, data and analysis on the defined contribution investment landscape and how managers and experts are responding to the twin challenges of the charges cap and the retirement reforms.