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Morgan Advanced Materials makes £67mn advance contribution

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On the go: Manufacturing company Morgan Advanced Materials has agreed to make an accelerated contribution of £67mn to its UK defined benefit pension schemes, as part of a deal that will see the trustees increase inflation and interest rate hedging levels.

Public sector pension judicial review hearing set for January

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On the go: Five trade unions will make their case against the government in the High Court, in the last week of January 2023, over an alleged “ongoing robbery” of public sector scheme members’ money.

NHS staff offered ‘partial retirement’ with scheme eligibility expanded


Members of the NHS Pension Scheme will have the option of ‘partial retirement’ under proposed government reforms aimed at stemming the flow of health workers leaving the NHS.

‘Lower leverage is here to stay’: industry responds to LDI inquiry

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The use of leverage in liability-driven investments should be reassessed, according to respondents to a Work and Pensions Committee inquiry.

FCA: Liquidity buffers are a ‘necessary but partial solution’

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On the go: The Financial Conduct Authority has urged managers of liability-driven investment funds to learn the lessons of the autumn liquidity crisis, claiming that liquidity buffers represent only part of the solution to future volatility.

FCA bans third-party dashboard consumer charges

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The Financial Conduct Authority will prohibit third parties from charging customers for services linked to pensions dashboards as part of its regulatory framework for the initiative.

TPR investment lead mulls role of ‘groupthink’ in LDI crisis


The Pensions Regulator’s lead investment consultant, Fred Berry, has suggested that industry ‘groupthink’ may have played a part in creating the conditions for the liquidity crisis that engulfed defined benefit pension schemes in the autumn.

TPR expects improved LDI liquidity buffers to be maintained

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The Pensions Regulator has set out its expectation that liquidity buffers be maintained across pooled and leveraged liability-driven investment mandates, going beyond the demands of Irish and Luxembourgish regulators.

USS surplus hints at ‘positive choices’ over contribution rates

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On the go: The Universities Superannuation Scheme has swung into a £5.6bn surplus, according to its latest monitoring report, offering the possibility of “positive choices” regarding future contribution rates, while sparking fury among those taking strike action against scheme reforms.

One third of self-employed trial Nest members have ‘zero pots’

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On the go: Around a third of self-employed Nest members in a Nest Insight savings trial have never made a contribution to their pension pot.