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New regulator powers will only accelerate DB disappearance

Tim Sharp

From the blog: The government has floated well-intentioned reforms intended to strengthen the arm of regulators against dodgy bosses, but the proposed changes risk undermining trustees and making further scheme closures more likely.

The consultation on strengthening the Pensions Regulator closed on Tuesday. It comes after a succession of corporate scandals, notably the collapse of BHS, and resulting cuts to pension benefits.  

One challenge is that this is not just a pensions problem. The underlying instability is caused by a corporate system that allows equity owners to act with little regard to other stakeholders, including workers and pension scheme members.

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'Not bad' is not acceptable

Tim Sharp

Tim Sharp at the Trades Union Congress reacts to the government's recent response to the Work and Pensions Committee's recommendations regarding default decumulation pathways.

Mistakes of annuity regime are being repeated

Tim Sharp

From the blog: Evidence is mounting that savers are at risk of getting a poor deal at retirement.

The combination of product complexity and consumer inertia that led to so many people getting a poor deal from the annuity market has been replicated under pensions freedom.

It is therefore time for government and regulators to push ahead with ambitious reforms that will help lower-earning members navigate the decumulation market without rolling back on pensions freedoms.

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