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Half of today’s over-40s are retirement savvy

On the go: Encouragingly, half of the over-40s in the UK have sufficient basic knowledge of the factors that may influence their later-life income to avoid the worst retirement pitfalls. However, one in 14 people are at high risk of making poor financial choices.

Baptist scheme pulls DGF for global infrastructure

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Trustees of the defined benefit Baptist Pension Scheme have allocated to global infrastructure and dropped a struggling diversified growth fund manager.

Transfer values rise as Brexit looms

On the go: October has seen the biggest rise in defined benefit transfer values in over a year, with a growth of 3.6 per cent over the month.

More unions eye CDC as possible negotiation outcome

With this week’s launching of a government consultation on collective defined contribution and legislation promised for December 2019, trade unions are now eyeing CDC as a possible alternative to pure defined contribution when closure of defined benefit schemes is unavoidable.

How far away is the pensions dashboard from becoming a reality?

A complete and up-and-running pensions dashboard could be years away, according to experts, as implementation and credibility concerns come to the fore.

100 schools could close as a result of pension hike

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On the go: A massive rise in the employer contribution to the Teachers' Pension Scheme could lead to the closure of 100 prep schools, according to the special education website TES, which first warned of the approaching crisis for the independent schools sector last month.

FOS receives just 300 pensions transfer complaints

On the go: Since the introduction of the pension freedoms in 2015, the Financial Ombudsman Service has received fewer than 15,000 complaints involving pensions. Of this figure, just 1,700 have been about pension freedoms and around 300 of these complaints were about defined benefit transfers.

Supreme Court: Barnardo's wording does not allow RPI/CPI switch

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The Supreme Court’s rejection of an attempt by Barnardo’s to downgrade its pension increases is a reminder that courts are unlikely to bend rules to accommodate the commercial needs of defined benefit sponsors, according to legal experts.

Imperial Brands’ proposal to disband member forum ‘disappointing’


Imperial Brands is looking to discontinue a consultative committee at its Imperial Tobacco Pension Fund, arguing that the benefits gained by holding the forum do not warrant the cost, workload and logistical efforts required to run the twice-yearly meeting.

OPDU launches independent pension trustee liability policy

On the go: The Occupational Pensions Defence Union has launched a pensions trustee policy aimed at individual independent trustees in the UK.