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Time for a summer stocktake

Julian Mund

Julian Mund, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association's chief executive, reflects on 2019 so far – from master trust authorisation to impressive auto-enrolment figures. But despite some positive developments this year, Mr Mund notes that there is still a significant amount of uncertainty over what the next few months have in store for the pensions industry.

Multiple tax treatments create yet another gap

Angus Peters

Editorial: Never underestimate the power of well-organised workers providing a public service, even when faced with a chancellor whose conservative idols took on the trades unions.

Who will protect us from slow-footed regulators?

Jo Cumbo (teaser)

The FCA has finally proposed a ban on contingent charging, in all but exceptional cases, and put in place other measures to protect those looking to transfer. But all this should have come much sooner, argues columnist and Financial Times pensions correspondent Josephine Cumbo.

TPR: We do not care what your name is and neither does the law

Darren Ryder

Darren Ryder of the Pensions Regulator has a stark message for employers and advisers using rebranding to avoid auto-enrolment duties, and encourages advisers to cover their own backs.

Pension risk transfers: How can we best manage employee anxiety?

Sue Cox

A time of unprecedented change is seeing schemes closed, bought out, consolidated and even benefits changed. Sue Cox of like minds talks trustees and employers through how good communication can smooth the journey for members.

The end is nigh for DB pensions

Paul McGlone

The defined benefit pensions industry has reached a tipping point, writes Paul McGlone, president of the Society of Pension Professionals.