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Bridging the gap

Cartoon 221018 (teaser)

Editorial: Auto-enrolment has certainly succeeded so far in helping more people save for retirement. But there is still a lot more to be done.

Three big ideas for better member engagement

PLSA Annual Conference 2018

For all the successes of behavioural finance and auto-enrolment, the weight of retirement decisions on savers means member engagement is still important. Three experts pitch their ideas to improve scheme communications.

Why ESG is not a flash in the pan

Lydia Fearn

With interventions from government putting increased pressure on schemes to consider environmental, social and governance factors, trustees must not dismiss ESG as a fad, says Redington's Lydia Fearn.

Many schemes are still not engaging on costs

John Simmonds

Better disclosure standards for investment costs are unlikely to spur a flood of terminated mandates, says CEM Benchmarking’s John Simmonds, but if used properly will make trustees better buyers of asset management services.

What the pensions industry can do to reach technology utopia

Ben Cocks

The pensions industry lags behind other sectors in terms of technology. However, over time schemes and providers can expect rapid improvements and frequent change, provided that the industry adopts an outward-looking approach to IT, says Ben Cocks, founding director of Altus Business Systems.

Looking ahead for pensions

Guy Opperman

Helping individuals engage with their pensions more easily will help the industry attract new savers, ensuring even more people are preparing for later life, says Guy Opperman, minister for pensions and financial inclusion.