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Henderson agrees recovery plan after funding fall

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Investment manager Henderson Group has agreed a recovery plan with its trustees after its defined benefit scheme fell out of surplus at the latest triennial valuation.

Diageo DB deadlock set to end after union split

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Drinks company Diageo has avoided a strike by members of its defined benefit pension schemes after union members accepted a deal, bringing to an end months of back-and-forth.

AE review prompts calls on contributions and self-employed

The government has this week appointed an advisory group to support its 2017 auto-enrolment review, as the industry calls for more action to increase coverage and contribution rates.

John Lewis slashes deficit with CPI switch

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Retailer John Lewis has agreed a new recovery plan with the trustees of its defined benefit scheme after a large reduction in the funding deficit, due in part to a change in inflation indexing.

AE compliance action holds steady amid calls to expand

Auto-enrolment enforcement action is rising, but remains limited to a small proportion of employers enrolling, the Pensions Regulator has said, as experts call for action to widen the scope of the policy.

Unions reluctantly back BSPS closure proposal

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Unions have backed a proposal to close the British Steel Pension Scheme to future accrual, raising questions about the future of private sector defined benefit schemes in the UK.

DGF growth expected to continue despite challenges

Experts predicted the continued growth of the diversified growth fund market this week, even as the asset class comes under increased scrutiny over performance and competition from advisers.

The Weekly Wrap: January 20 edition

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A round-up of pension stories published across the FT this week, from Dutch companies taking advantage of new vehicles to pool pension fund assets, to calls for making saving into a pension "as unattractive as possible".

Brexit speech calms markets but leaves questions over ECJ cases

Prime Minister Theresa May this week laid out the government’s plans for Brexit, prompting questions from the pensions industry over the role of EU law in UK pensions over the longer term.

Johnson Service Group adds £1.5m on top of recovery plan

Textile rental provider Johnson Service Group has committed to paying £1.5m to its defined benefit scheme following the £8.25m sale of its dry cleaning business to Timpson Group.