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Pensions dashboards will require a consumer protection regime

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B&CE head of pensions policy Tim Gosling assesses the current state of the regulatory framework for pensions dashboards.

What’s going on with the statements season?

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Tim Gosling, head of policy at B&CE, provider of The People’s Pension, explains why it is imperative for the government to start a dialogue with the industry and savers about the new statements season.

What we can learn from Chile’s pension system

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Ahead of the release of a new book on learnings from international pension systems, co-editor Tim Gosling uses the example of Chile to show how an initially flawed defined contribution system can be converted into one that sustainably converts capital into income.

PLSA: What we want to see in the AE review

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The government's review of auto-enrolment should look at widening the scope of the policy, says the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association's Tim Gosling.