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PLSA: Shareholders’ resolutions against FTSE directors’ pay triple

On the go: Shareholder activism is on the rise. Across Britain’s major companies in the FTSE 350, 148 annual meeting resolutions attracted ‘significant’ dissent levels across 82 different companies in 2018, recent research has shown. Executive pay and directors’ election were the top areas of concern.

Data crunch: Do better returns trump greater contributions?

One of pensions’ great conundrums is the question of whether the size of contributions or investment performance has the greater impact on the size of the pension pot. Hargreaves Lansdown has researched this very point, but its answers are not without controversy.

Pension freedoms see more than £7bn withdrawn in 2018

On the go: The UK’s fondness for pension freedoms continues unabated with £1.9bn withdrawn from pension schemes under flexible pension rules in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to the latest HMRC  figures published on Friday.

XPS: ‘GMP equalisation will be less costly than feared’

On the go: The cost of addressing inequality in guaranteed minimum pensions may be a lot lower than expected at less than 1 per cent of total liabilities for over half of all schemes, according to consultancy XPS Pensions.

IFS: Bad assumptions damage annuity value assessment

On the go: Declining annuity sales are driven by individuals consistently underestimating how long they will live, according to new research form the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Schools and colleges warn of ruinous £1.1bn pension hike as DfE consults

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The survival of some state schools, colleges, universities and independent schools is threatened by the £1.1bn rise in the employers’ contribution to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme from September 1 2019.

Government provides £329m safety net to Nest

On the go: The government has given Nest, the workplace pension provider, a contingent liability guarantee of £329m to enable it to comply with the tough new master trust regime amid accusations of unfair state aid. 

FCA warns of looming retirement poverty prospect

On the go: Inadequate retirement incomes that do not meet consumers’ expectations remain the central challenge for the pensions industry, according to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Fees can cut returns by 25 per cent, finds ESMA

On the go: The EU’s financial regulator has warned of the impact charges can have on savers’ returns, in a sign of further pressure on investment managers to control fees.

Half of FTSE 100 liabilities funded to buyout levels by 2029

Analysis: Once a distant dream for employers, full buyout is now becoming a reality for defined benefit sponsors, with up to 15 FTSE 100 companies already in a position to offload their liabilities to insurers.