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PPF confirms new compensation cap

On the go: The Pension Protection Fund has confirmed new compensation cap limits.

Last-minute dash expected for master trust authorisation

On the go: Only eight master trusts have applied for authorisation with the Pensions Regulator, leading to expectations that there will be a last minute dash as the March 31 deadline looms.

Court fines Mansoor Nasir £5,000 for workplace pension lies

One the go: Bradford-based accounts manager Mansoor Nasir, who tried to hide the fact that restaurants had not given their staff workplace pensions, has been fined £5,000.

Nest searches for a global corporate bond fund manager

On the go: Master trust Nest inviting tenders from fund managers to run an actively managed global investment grade corporate bond fund.

DWP consultation ramps up pressure on small schemes to consolidate

The Department for Work and Pensions is ramping up the pressure on small schemes to consolidate and to consider long term illiquid investments.

TPR confirms Now Pensions admin crisis largely over

On the go: The Pensions Regulator has confirmed today that Now Pensions has overhauled its administration system.

UK pension deficit falls by £80bn to £210bn

On the go: January saw a significant in improvement in the funding level of the UK’s 5,450 defined benefit pension schemes.

Regulator reveals 45 per cent rise in dormant pots over 2018

The Pensions Regulator has uncovered a massive rise in the number of dormant defined contribution pots resulting from the introduction of auto-enrolment.

Public sector pension bill to rise to £4bn a year after court ruling

On the go: The taxpayer could face extra public sector pension costs of £4bn a year following a court ruling last year that the government discriminated against younger judges and firefighters in both the Firefighters and Judicial Pension Schemes.

UK retirees in the EU could see their state pension frozen, warns Altmann

On the go: Hundreds of thousands of UK citizens who have retired to the EU could lose out on state pension increases if there is a no deal Brexit, former pensions minister Ros Altmann has warned.