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Record 336,000 retirees access their pensions

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On the go: More retirees than ever are withdrawing money from their pension pots as the popularity of freedom and choice continues unabated.

Half of public sector pension boards meet fewer than four times a year

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On the go: Only half of public sector schemes held four or more pension board meetings in the previous 12 months, the Pensions Regulator has found.

Maps recruiting for dashboard steering group

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On the go: The Money and Pensions Service launched a recruitment drive on Thursday for members of a steering group for the pensions dashboard, as the project inches closer to fruition.

Young teachers opting out of pensions as cost of living bites

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On the go: There is a small but discernible trend for young teachers to opt out of the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme, with unions blaming the high costs of living and low pay.

DB governance not up to scratch, finds XPS

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On the go: Only 22 per cent of pension schemes have a defined plan of action if their funding level falls, according to a recent XPS Pensions governance survey, which found huge variations in standards of scheme management across the sector.

390,000 people have transferred out of DB schemes since 2016

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On the go: More than a third of a million people have transferred out of defined benefit pension schemes since 2016-17, according to data from the Pensions Regulator. 

Royal London: Retirees’ withdrawals range from 4 per cent to 10 per cent a year

On the go: People using the pension freedoms are taking income at rates varying from 4 per cent to 10 per cent, depending on their pot size and income needs.

Transfers head list of complaints at the Pensions Ombudsman

On the go: Complaints to the Pensions Ombudsman rose by 5 per cent according to its recently published annual report and accounts for 2018/19.

3 in 4 companies happy to extend AE to self-employed and low-paid

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On the go: Three quarters of businesses back the extension of auto-enrolment to include the self-employed and those earning less than £10,000 a year, but have a limited appetite for mandatory contribution increases, according to new research.

Military pension verdict could open floodgates for public sector claimants

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On the go: A woman has won the right to her late partner’s military pension in a Court of Appeal ruling on the rights of unmarried couples.