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Cadbury completes £520m buy-in with Rothesay Life

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On the go: The Cadbury Mondelēz Pension Fund has completed a £520m buy-in with Rothesay Life covering payments for 1,900 pensioners.

Widen taper consultation to fix pensions tax system, experts say

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A chorus of pension experts is urging the government to extend the ambit of its consultation on the workings of the tapered annual allowance to include the private sector along with other anomalies and injustices.

Fall in gilt yields drives transfer values to near record

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On the go: The continuing fall in gilt yields is driving transfer values towards near record levels, according to XPS Pension Group.

LCP: Buyout deals more than double in 12 months to £34bn

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On the go: The momentum in pension buy-ins and buyouts continues unabated, with a record £34bn of deals completed over the year to June 30 2019.

Government to review tax taper for NHS clinicians

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On the go: The government is to review the operation of the tapered annual allowance for senior clinicians, following a vigorous campaign by NHS doctors.

MPs urge DWP to review scope and level of charges cap

The Work and Pensions Committee is ramping up the pressure on the government and the Financial Conduct Authority to cap the level of charges on default retirement products.

ACA reignites pensions v house purchase debate

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On the go: The Association of Consulting Actuaries is calling for new flexible savings products designed to fulfil young savers’ housing and pensions aspirations.

Active equity fees fall by 11 per cent since 2017

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On the go: The average fee for an active global equity mandate has fallen by 11 per cent since 2017, according to consultancy LCP, as competition from low-cost index tracking vehicles sees costs improve across most asset classes for institutional investors.

Record 336,000 retirees access their pensions

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On the go: More retirees than ever are withdrawing money from their pension pots as the popularity of freedom and choice continues unabated.

Half of public sector pension boards meet fewer than four times a year

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On the go: Only half of public sector schemes held four or more pension board meetings in the previous 12 months, the Pensions Regulator has found.