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No-deal Brexit fears cause annuity rates to plummet to near record lows

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On the go: Fears of a no-deal Brexit and a slowdown in the global economy have pushed annuity rates to near record lows, according to Hargreaves Lansdown.

Law firm targets ‘short-changed’ doctors, teachers and police officers

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On the go: The government could face legal challenges from hundreds of thousands of teachers and doctors following changes to their pension schemes, according to Leigh Day.

Trustees should act now to guard against market collapse

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On the go: Trustees and sponsors of defined benefit schemes should increase their asset allocations to alternatives and hedge funds in light of high valuations and stretched yields, Cambridge Associates urges in new research.

Bob Scott: The 40-year pensions perspective

LCP senior partner Bob Scott tells Stephanie Hawthorne about the improvements made to pensions over his nearly 40 years at the company, and those areas that should have been left well alone.

DB transfer values hit all-time high

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On the go: Defined benefit pension transfer values soared to an all-time high on August 21, according to the latest analysis from consultancy XPS Pensions.

Arcadia CVAs approved

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On the go: Arcadia Group, the struggling fashion empire controlled by Sir Philip Green, can move forward with its restructuring plans after a challenge from US landlords was withdrawn.

Dichotomy between FTSE chiefs and workers’ pensions remains

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On the go: Just 30 per cent of FTSE 100 companies have pledged to cut their pension payments for their directors, following a campaign by the Investment Association on excessive boardroom pay.

Should schemes take a leaf from insurers’ books?

Data crunch: As pension schemes continue to mature, their investment strategies are becoming increasingly similar to those of insurance companies. Given that schemes do not face the same regulatory constraints as insurers, some experts say it makes sense to take advantage of the greater freedoms available to them when they are at earlier stages of their development.

GMP equalisation soars up list of trustees concerns

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On the go: GMP equalisation has soared up the list priorities for pension schemes following the Lloyd’s Banking Group case earlier this year, Equiniti research has found.

ONS: One in four people will be over 65 by 2050

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On the go: The UK population is growing older, Office for National Statistics figures have shown, with potentially big repercussions retirement patterns.