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One in four employees fails to review their pension

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On the go: Employees’ lack of engagement with later-life finances remains a major issue, with one in four never even reviewing their pension. This lack of preparation is impacting lifestyle choices, with a quarter of employees now expecting to work in retirement.

Will Generation X be the most vulnerable at retirement?

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On the go: Thirteen million people born between 1966 and 1980, the so-called Generation X, will face acute problems as they come up to retirement in the next 12 to 28 years unless decisive action is taken, according to the Pensions Policy Institute.

FCA scam warning: 22 years of pension savings gone in 24 hours

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On the go: Victims of pension scams lost an average of £82,000 to fraudsters last year, equivalent to 22 years’ worth of savings evaporating within 24 hours, according to the Pensions Regulator and the Financial Conduct Authority.

62 private schools exit teachers’ scheme as costs rise by 43%


A total of 62 independent schools have told the government they plan to leave the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, with more set to follow.

Mothercare UK pensioners avoid PPF haircut with restructure

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A transfer of sponsor has saved Mothercare UK’s pension schemes from falling into the Pension Protection Fund, following the collapse of the retailer into administration on Tuesday.

Authorisation sees master trust market shrink to 37 providers

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On the go: A final total of 37 master trusts have received authorisation from the Pensions Regulator, with the FCA Pension Plan and Salvus Master Trust the last to get the go-ahead on Tuesday.

Johnson lambasts billion-pound costs of LGPS

The stellar investment returns of the Local Government Pension Scheme over the past decade may be overplayed, according to a leading expert from a right-wing think tank, who also controversially claimed that the scheme offers poor value for money.

Regulator under fire for insurance supervision

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On the go: The Prudential Regulation Authority has been criticised over its supervision of the insurance sector, and in particular the proposed transfer of £12bn of annuities by Prudential to Rothesay Life.

Nearly one in five schemes use FM as green issues come to the fore

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On the go: Despite a regulatory investigation, assets managed by fiduciary managers have broken the £170bn barrier, up 21 per cent from £142bn in 2018.

PPF aims to spruce up assessment panel as it tenders for 10 experts

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On the go: The Pension Protection Fund has set the ball rolling for a retender of its assessment period trustee panel with a special focus on corporate restructuring and insolvency proceedings.